House Hunting Trips:

I know that time is valuable and your HHT needs to be productive.  I work with you in depth long before your HHT to ensure that I am fully aware of your specific housing wants, needs and mandatory inclusions.  My job is to make sure that once you arrive in the Comox Valley I have a list of properties to show you that are of the style and preference that you need.  There is no time to waste and I truly understand how stressful this visit can be.  I consider it of the utmost importance to set aside this time for YOU.  I will ensure that you are top priority during your HHT and all other business will take 2nd place.  I work with you prior to your visit to pre-book inspections, arrange meetings with mortgage brokers, insurance brokers, notaries/ lawyers and any other professionals associated with your real estate purchase.

Here is a sample HHT itinerary that I have found to be a great use of time:

Day 1:

Meet first thing in the morning over coffee and go over the plan of action.  Review list of properties and go out for our first set of showings (usually up to 10 homes)  Once the first set of showings is complete, we both have a fairly accurate idea of what type of property is working or not working.  We then make a plan for Day 2.

Day 2: 

Once again meet first thing in the morning and start the day fresh with a new set of properties.  Once this set of showings is complete, I will usually give a few hours to review on your own and compile your “short list”.  Depending on your energy, and whether there is jet lag/time change fatigue, we may start viewing the short listed properties later in the afternoon/evening of Day 2.

Day 3:  Short listed properties are viewed (usually 3-5 at this point).  After this set of viewings, I will give you time to review/discuss and make the all important DECISION:-)  Usually later in the afternoon of Day 3 we will start the process of negotiation on your property of choice.

Day 4: Negotiation day / Flex day.  This day usually consists of further negotiation, signing of paperwork, and a bit of a “breather” for you!

Day 5: This is usually the day that we have pre-booked for your building inspection.  You will also be visiting the insurance agency to arrange your home insurance, possibly meeting with your notary or lawyer, and often visiting CFB Comox to see your new job site.

Day 6:  If all has gone well up until this point, you are free to explore!  Take a drive up to Mt Washington, explore Cathedral Grove on the Port Alberni highway, drive down the coast highway for a day of site seeing, etc. The Most important thing to remember is that I’m here to assist you every step of the way and I honour your commitment to service and in turn feel it my duty to ensure that this portion of your relocation is as smooth a process as I can possibly make it!