Karin Usipuik, Comox Valley Realtor

I’m Karin, Realtor here in the Comox Valley/Campbell River area since 2005. I’ve been selling homes for nearly 20 years!

I’ve learned a lot through my career and always come back to the same “why”. I simply love working with people and helping to navigate through one of the biggest investments you’ll make!

I still do a little happy dance every time my clients sell their home or a new buyer gets the keys to their very first home!

I’m truly humbled when you choose me as your Realtor and my goal has always been to never take that for granted!

I believe in honest, professional service with a friendly, relaxed approach.

Client Experiences

“Karin was there for us every step of the way. From helping us sell our home to buying our new one, Karin was there with advice, representing our interests and negotiating on our behalf. Our home search took longer than expected but Karin was always available to look at properties and negotiate offers. We can’t thank her enough for her time, dedication, and professionalism throughout. ”


“Karin’s professionalism, efficiency, warmth and knowledge of the housing market and the Comox Valley (especially since we are new to the area) made the experience of finding a suitable home for our family very low stress! She was always able to answer all of our questions and was very supportive throughout the entire process. We would definitely recommend working with Karin!”


“We recently purchased our dream home in the Comox Valley with Karin. We were in Edmonton at the time and buying a home in a city that you don’t live in presents a whole world of issues. This is why it’s so important to have a really good realtor like Karin. She was so professional & incredibly competent in every single step of the complicated process. The other huge benefit of going with Karin is that she is so well connected in the community and therefore all of the professionals she recommended for the inspections, registrations, etc. were all fantastic! I couldn’t recommend Karin more, she was so caring, knowledgable and hard working. Thank you again!”

Karin was extraordinary at helping us purchase our forever home.
We were lucky to enlist her when she was selling a property we happened to look at with another realtor.
Her ability to listen, we mean really listen makes a huge difference.
She knew what we needed, what we could afford, and it went so well it was like she was buying with us, not for us.
Her experience speaks loudly – when it came to making an offer or not, summarizing and showing the advantages and disadvantages, valuing the strata minutes, and especially bargaining with the sellers.

Karin and her assistant Melissa were just excellent in handling all the paper work – a real plus when you’re a bit “internet” challenged!!

No high pressure here, just caring support and assistance and a keen observation of the seller’s needs as well as ours as buyers.
We were able to purchase under list price and are very happy with the result.
After sales, Karin didn’t just disappear – she checks in regularly and was helpful in getting us moved in and settled.
She knows the community well, is very involved in the community.
Karin is a lovely person with a kindred soul- she enthusiastically cares about her client’s well being.

I am very grateful that thanks to Karin, I sold my home so that I could move closer to my family here on the mainland. They say “you don’t know what you’ve got til it’s gone” reminded me that home is where the heart is.


Karin was there for us every step of the way. From helping us sell our home to buying our new one. Karin was there with advice, representing our interests and negotiating on our behalf. Our home search took longer than expected but Karin was always available to look at properties and negotiate offers. We can’t thank her enough for her time, dedication and professionalism throughout. Thanks Karin!


We absolutely made the right decision to sell and move here but could not have done it without you. Thank you again for all of your help and believing in us and our dreams for an easier lifestyle.


Resources for Buyers

It is such an exciting time when you are purchasing your very first home! I remember the feeling when my husband and I bought our first home back in 2001.  We were nervous, excited, terrified and proud, and completely in the dark about the experience in general:-)

I love taking the extra time to ensure that you are well informed about the market and the home buying process and that we can get you the best buy possible.  There is nothing more rewarding for You and for me than the moment I get to hand over the keys to your new home!

There are a number of different factors to consider when deciding where to purchase your new home. You want to ensure your children adjust well to the move and transition as easily as possible. One of the most important considerations is finding the neighborhood that you’ll fit in well to – then find the right home within that neighbourhood. It’s great to have a school nearby, along with playgrounds and other families.

Being a mom with school aged children, I am completely up to speed with all the difference school catchments, recreation facilities, dance studios, hockey programs and more.  I love taking the time to discuss what makes up your family dynamic, what kind of neighborhood feel you are looking for and what are the most important factors I can keep in mind when compiling a list of properties to introduce you too.

And don’t be afraid to bring your little ones along for our showings.  I love kids and enjoy the excitement of the process through their eyes too!

You’ve worked hard your entire life and now it’s time to reap the benefits of all those years of hard work. The Comox Valley is steadily becoming one of the hottest communities to retire.  Where else can you ski in the morning, golf in the afternoon and fish or sail in the evening all year long?! You may choose a gated community where you can lock and leave your home while you travel. You may prefer to move into a luxury condo, single family home or you may want to build the home what you’ve always wanted. I am here to help! I take a patient approach to real estate and am always happy to take the time and show you all the different options that are available.  Its about finding the right fit for YOU!

There are some incredible opportunities for investors in the Comox Valley real estate market. Our vacancy rate is low and there is good demand for rental properties from students attending NIC, hospital workers and people wanting to get to know the Comox Valley before purchasing a home.  Investors will also want to consider resale and will need to know the rate of return and total carrying costs to ensure they are making a wise investment. I have worked with a variety of investors over the years whether it be a small rental home or a larger project.  I’m always happy to sit down and discuss your investment plans and different opportunities in the Comox Valley.

I have worked with many families and individuals transferred both in and out of the Comox Valley.  I am very familiar with the process from the beginning stages right through the HHT and finally with the final move. Click here to see a sample House Hunting Trip Itinerary

We’ve pulled together a checklist to make your move as smooth as possible!

  • Property Transfer Tax 1% of the 1st $200,000 & 2% on the balance of the purchase price. See here for a full overview of this tax including the different thresholds that change the amount.
  • Lawyer / Notary fees include your lawyer’s fees & registration of mortgage and certificate of title and disbursements.
  • Appraisal fee most lenders require an appraiser’s report confirming that the purchase reflects fair market value. Depending on your down payment, some lenders will waive this requirement.
  • House inspection fee It is the buyer’s option to have a home inspection to pinpoint defects. This is not a lending institution requirement.
  • Property tax adjustment based on the “adjustment date,” you may have to reimburse the seller for his/her portion of the prepaid property taxes.
  • Home/fire Insurance, you can set up home insurance and pay either a monthly premium or the entire year in a lump sum up front.
  • GST – What you should know:

• New homes are subject to 5% GST.  You may be able to apply for a rebate on a portion of this GST.  Recommended that you review this with an accountant.
• You do not qualify for a GST rebate if you purchase a home over $450,000
• GST is not payable on used residential housing

From the blog – How to be a Competitive Buyer in a Sellers Market:

Resources for Sellers

With over 15 years in the real estate industry and hundreds of home sales, I have compiled a marketing plan that features advanced home marketing technology with a balance of personal and professional service.

Here is a list of marketing services that I offer over and above the standard MLS services:

1. Custom feature package providing pertinent information about the home to prospective Buyers and their REALTOR
2. Pre and post property preparation service **
3. Professional photography of your home
4. Professional floorplans
5. Web exposure using the latest in technology and social media
• Engel & Volkers Vancouver Island North
• Instagram
• Facebook
6. Engel & Volkers office window display
7. Open Houses (as requested)
8. An assistant with over 10 years experience in real estate administration
9. Weekly follow-up and consistent market updates
10. Top negotiating skills to get your top dollar for your home

Here are some home staging tips to assist you in the sale of your home. First impressions make a big impact on potential home buyers! For many people, it is hard to look past a messy, disorganized home. Something as simple as a bright paint colour can put some buyers off. By following these home staging tips-you will increase your home’s appeal and marketability, drawing in more potential buyers. Properly staging your home will help sell your home faster and for top dollar.

1. De-clutter home
Clean up and store all unnecessary items (ie- kitchen appliances, toys, pet accessories, etc.) Everything should have its place; if there are items you aren’t using, pack them away until you move. You don’t want buyers questioning if their is enough storage space in your home.
2. De-personalize home 
Remove the majority of personal family photos. You want potential buyers to visualize themselves living in your home.
3. Deep clean the interior 
This is especially important in kitchens and bathrooms. It is hard for potential buyers to picture themselves living in your home if it is dirty.
4. Neutral colours 
Neutral paint colours and furniture set the tone of your house. Neutral colours appeal to a larger market. It is easier for buyers to picture their furniture and accents in your home when there is a neutral colour palate.
5. Enhance curb appeal
Tidy up gardens, mow lawns, clean up the outside of the house, windows etc, add some colourful flowers. A good first impression is very important.
6. Room function 
Decide on the function of each room and make sure it is staged accordingly. Never leave rooms empty. This is a great excuse to buy some new furniture, or if that doesn’t fit in the budget, ask friends or family if they have some furniture you can borrow for staging purposes.
7. Lighting
Make sure there is adequate lighting in each room, if a room feels dark, add a lamp. You can take it with you when you move!
8. Window treatments 
Adding window treatments, blinds or curtains, can really add warmth to a room. It makes a room feel very welcoming.
9. Update or clean flooring 
Old stained, smelly carpets can put buyers off really fast. There’s nothing worse than walking into a room and being hit in the face with the smell of pet. If you are able to replace old carpets with hardwood or laminate that would be preferred. If replacing flooring doesn’t fit in your budget, having carpets professionally cleaned will improve the overall look and feel of a room.

Click HERE to download a helpful step by step guide on selling your home

Ready to Buy or Sell in the Comox Valley?

Take a peek at these incredible properties, I promise you won’t want to miss out!


You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers.

The Comox Valley market is active throughout the year and there really is no wrong time to sell. It really comes down to effective marketing for the particular season.

Standard Closing Costs Include:

  • Real Estate Commission | (Listing side) 7%/100,000 3%/Balance + GST
  • Legal Fees | Approx 1.5% of your sale price
  • Appraisal | Check pricing with your lender
  • Building Inspection | Approx $600
  • Septic Inspection **
  • Well Inspection **
  • BC Property Transfer Tax | 1% on the first $200,000 and 2% on the balance | Some exemptions and exclusions. Please check with lawyer and/or accountant

This varies from each transaction to the next and is very market specific. In a balanced real estate market, you can expect roughly a 2 week conditional stage from the time you place an offer, and then closing within 30-90 days.

Agents who represent buyers are compensated by the listing broker for bring home buyers to the table. When the home is sold, the listing broker splits the listing fee with the Buyers agent. Thus, buyers don’t pay their agents.

More questions? We’re here for you. Meet Karin & Team who will be there for you every step of the way.


Melissa Coulter | Unlicensed Assistant

Action-taker & logistics whiz

As creative and administrative assistant, Melissa is behind the scenes using her top notch organizational skills to keep Karin organized! With a background in office administration she puts her 12 years of experience to use daily.

She will be in touch with you throughout the listing & sale process to ensure you’re informed & receiving your required documents. She coordinates showings & follows-up on feedback. Her number one priority is, communication!

Melissa is here to support you throughout your buying or selling process in any way she can!


Mariah Pearl | Unlicensed Assistant

Tech Savvy & Keen to stay on trend with technology

With a background in retail management and online marketing, Mariah combines her two worlds at Kindred Homes.  You’ll find her generally working behind the senes planning, creating and working on all things technical.

With the ever changing real estate industry, Mariah is excited to take a proactive approach to ensure we are providing the best tools and services to our valued clients.

Experience with Karin and her team

“We have had the pleasure of working with Karin on two purchases over the past six years. The first, a condo at Mount Washington was straightforward but, nonetheless from the time that we started looking to our closing date, Karin was always with us when we needed her.

Three years ago we began *thinking* about a more permanent move to the Comox Valley. Even though we were not quite ready to make the leap from Victoria to the North Island, Karin was always available to show us new listings that she thought we might be interested in.

Fast forward to 2017, Karin helped us find our most perfect home. Her diligence, knowledge and plenty of intuition meant that we were able to move through the buying process with a minimum of concern and a maximum of confidence. We would recommend Karin wholeheartedly. You won’t be disappointed in your realtor by working with her.”


“We had Karin Usipuik for the selling of our home and the buying of our home. Karin was a delight to work with. She was efficient, knowledgeable, and gave us good advice on what decisions to make in both procedures. She was honest and always had our interests at heart. When I contacted her by email she was always prompt at answering any questions we had. No question was too silly or too small for her to answer. She was always there with her cheerful attitude. We had people looking every day & our home sold in 19 days. We were very happy with her and would recommend her to anyone that wants to get into the market today.”


“Exceptional customer service! From booking showings to receiving keys when we purchased our dream home. Every detail was taken care of! It was challenging living far away & not being able to see homes in a hot market. Karin took the time to preview the homes for us. Her extensive knowledge of the Comox Valley was incredible & made us feel comfortable with the area our family would be living in. Her communication skills are bar none. We always felt like we were being taken care of & in the loop. We lucked out with such an amazing realtor!”


“We used Karin in August of 2016 for the purchase of our acreage. Seeing as it was our first time dealing with certain issues related to more rural living she had to help us understand and organize more inspections, etc than normal. She did so very willingly and was always available for last minute questions. It was a quick purchase and subsequently very quick sale of our former home which she also handled for us. Karin is so friendly and helpful, it felt like one of our friends helping us. She even helped me pick out the flooring for our new home! (which looks great by the way). She really made the process of selling AND buying a stress-free and smooth as possible. Would use her again in a heartbeat, except she helped us find our forever home!!! that is the testimonial needed.”