I’m in my sparkle era and bows are at the center of it….

It’s definitely the season for a little bows and bedazzle and for the first time, I’m here for it!  I’m usually pretty basic and simple when it comes to decor and wardrobe choices but this year, I can’t get enough of the velvet, satin, and sequins!

This years holiday tablescape is a little glam and a lot of bows with a little fresh winter greens to bring it back to the organic vibes I typically lean into.  I usually spend the month of November scrolling Pinterest and Instagram for a little fresh inspiration.  This year, I came across a brand new account – The Table Stylist – I feel like I met my kindred in terms of instagram accounts and she definitely elevated my love for the velvet bow.

It just takes that little burst of inspiration and from there, a tablesape design begins.  So, before we go any further, let’s take a moment for the bow.   I started by tying little velvet bows to each coupe glass.  But the real moment came when I decided to place my fresh greenery on the table in the shape of a bow and then draped it with a luxurious cream satin bow.  I definitely had a little happy dance moment with how cute it looks!

Before we move on…a shout out to the velvet bows…

So before I even got to the large luxurious satin bow adorning the middle of the table, I had tied the sweetest little velvet bows around each coupe glass.  In case you’re wondering where we’re getting all these bows?  A shameless plug for my little shoppe here

The Finishing Touches

The only new additions were the bows and some fresh greens I picked up at our local garden center.  Dishes are my everyday Fable Dishes that I just love so much.  My flatware is the gold flatware set also from Fable.  The check pattern linen napkins I’ve had for a few years and originally purchased from Linen Me.  The tablecloth was from my little shoppe…another shameless plus here.