There is no doubt that with home ownership comes multiple expenses. Buying a home will most likely be your largest purchase. It can all seem daunting but it’s important to remember that it’s an investment. If you put the work into it, you will benefit on the other end.

So, where do you start? I think we all dream of a nice kitchen, perfectly organized pantries & a functional living room. When it comes to adding value to your home, we recommend that you

Start with the Basics

PLUMBING | If you plan on renovating or updating bathrooms it’s a good idea to make sure plumbing is up to code.  A hot topic in real estate is PolyB plumbing and the risks and added insurance fees associated with it.  We recommend doing your research and talking to a professional plumber when its comes to this very important topic.

HEATING | Some heating systems such as baseboard electric heat can be expensive.  You might want to investigate the costs of adding a new heating system such as a ductless heat pump.  Often there are rebate programs that will make this upgrade a very feasible and smart option.  If you have a furnace its good to have it serviced and know how efficient it is running.   Sometimes even a simple change over to a modern thermostat can make a big difference in your monthly heating bills.

PAINT | It’s always shocking how fresh a room can feel with a fresh coat of paint. If you go with a neutral color palette it can really brighten a space.  Painting is super cost efficient & can even be a weekend job.

LIGHTING | It can be so transformative! Changing out old light fixtures can bring a whole new feel to a room while modernizing it. It’s a great way to add your touch & style to your home.

ROOF | Has the roof been recently inspected? If not, have a professional look at it & get their opinion about what kind of shape it’s in & how many years may be left. If it does need replacing be sure to get multiple quotes as prices can differ between companies.

FLOORING | Generally different flooring throughout the home can cozy up your space as well as bring in natural elements if you choose to go with hardwood/ laminate. Carpet can retain smells & age a home. If the carpet is older, picking out new carpet can give your home the update it needs.

LANDSCAPING | Whether you’re removing old growth or adding new greenery this can add instant curb appeal!  Overgrown plants/ shrubs tend to make a house look tired. It’s important to plant hearty plants that can tolerate drought (think decorative grasses, lavender, heather, boxwoods, bay laurels, etc.)

KITCHEN | This is the heart of the home & will require extensive planning & details. Figure out what your style is by searching Pinterest, websites & blogs, even Instagram Decide whether you’ll using the existing layout or if the upgrade will require a contractor to remove walls etc.

Just remember: Your home is usually a long term investment.  Give yourself time, set goals and work on updating it as time and money permits.  Create a list of priorities and make a plan for tackling the projects as you can.