With the holiday season officially over, January can often bring all different waves of feelings and emotions.  The bustle of the holidays have settled and you’ve cleared away the last of the clutter “sparkle”.

All of a sudden your house feels a bit empty, and for some of us that clean slate is exhilarating and fills us with inspiration.  For others, it might leave our house feeling empty and lacking warmth. No matter which side of the spectrum you land on, we want to help you, and your home, thrive and not just survive the last few months of winter.

Out with the old–

Think of this as your opportunity to create a fresh start for your home creating new rhythms of organization and function. Go room by room evaluating each space and how it is currently being utilized. Ask yourself if its full potential is being realized.

The Simplicity of Cleaning–

Start by removing items from your space & giving it a deep clean. With a good playlist this can be therapeutic & motivating.

Vacuum up dust, then give your space a wipe down with a cloth & cleaner. There’s something about starting off the new year with a clean slate (figuratively & literally).

Add a fresh new scrubby beside your kitchen sink or a new hand soap can make a shift in mindset while living out your day to day tasks. December is a full-on month whereas; January is time to slow down & focus on simplifying & refreshing your home.

Be Intentional about your start to the year. Re-organize items back on your shelves or countertops that are meaningful & that bring you joy!

Elevate Your Space–

Elevating Your Space

Remove Clutter: Sometimes elevating a space just simply means taking away the clutter. Too many pillows, too many picture frames, etc. Less is more! Don’t get hung up on needing to completely re-vamp your living room or bedroom. Introduce a pillow cover you haven’t used in awhile, or rotate a throw from another area of your home. Different textures & layers bring comfort & add visual interest.

Add Natural Elements: Fresh flowers from your local florist always bring satisfaction & freshen up the space. You may even buy a new coffee table book that will bring inspiration & purpose to your home.

Storage:  The key for keeping clutter to a minimum is to create functional hiding spots.  Use  neutral baskets to hold your items to not only look tidy but acts as decor as well.

Fragrance: The fragrance of a room sets the tone & mood. Whether that be a specific candle or even picking a diffuser scent.  Determine your style in terms of scent and create a signature aroma when people enter your home.

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