Whether it’s an ordinary weeknight dinner, a holiday gathering or a more intentional dinner party; we’re saying goodbye to carefree outdoor summer meals and drawing inside for a different kind of connection.

Bring in the Cozy Ambiance of Autumn Dining

This season we invite you to lean into the warmth of a gathering and the elements that bring family and friends together.  The days of this season feel busier and shorter and so intentionality in connection is so important.  There are various ways to usher in this sense of connection, and we feel that your autumn dining area can be a focal point that draws you in.  Here are a few of the Team Kindred go to essentials for autumn dining.

01 Anchoring Pieces

These are your linens whether it be a table runner, full tablecloth, or placemats.  You may even choose to bring out the warmth of your table by going without linens all together

02 Tableware

Start placing your dishes.  There are a multitude of ways to create a tablescape and inspiration is endless.  You might choose to use a simple dinner plate, or maybe you are going to display an entire set including side plates and bowls.  Draw inspiration from magazines, social media, & favourite blogs.  Be also mindful of how you plan to use your tablescape.  Do you imagine casual dining or formal gatherings?

03 Glassware & Flatware

We like to mix it up when it comes to glassware. Bring in a mix of glasses for water or cocktails along with wine glasses.  Draw the eye in with different heights and shapes.  Glassware and Flatware in the world of tablescapes are like lighting is for a home.  They really do become a statement piece.

Elevate Your Tablescape

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