Our Family nest has recently undergone some adjusting. Our older kiddos have moved out or gone away to college. With them moving out, we rearranged bedrooms and now have our first guest room. I’ve always wanted a nice space for guests to stay in, but with all the bedrooms filled, this was never an option. Although I wasn’t happy about my emptying nest, this guest room refresh has been a great way to find a silver lining.

The bed set-up is the pillar of any bedroom, so I began researching bed frames and mattresses to make a dreamy and relaxing room for my guests. I wanted a luxurious mattress for my guests to sleep on, but I also wanted something that shipped conveniently to my door and didn’t break the bank. I came across a neat opportunity to compare two popular Canadian direct-to-consumer mattress brands – Logan & Cove and Silk & Snow.

We’ve had experience with both coil and foam mattresses but never considered the idea of a hybrid until now. Both of these companies feature a ‘hybrid’ mattress, which is a combination of zoned coils found in traditional spring mattresses and foam layers from all-foam mattress options. I’m excited to share more information about these two mattresses, my honest opinion on a hybrid mattress in general, and which of these two Canadian mattresses got our vote.

Let’s Compare the Basics


Logan & Cove |

C$899 (Twin)  – C$1,499 (Cal King)

Silk & Snow |

C$700 (Twin)  – C$1,000 (Cal King)

Sleep Trial & Returns

Logan & Cove |

The Logan & Cove mattress offers a 120-night sleep trial with a minimum 30-day trial before initiating a return. They also offer FREE Shipping (with some exceptions), returns, and a 15-year warranty.

For their mattress returns, they donate all gently used mattresses to charitable organizations or arrange to have the mattresses recycled, so it’s great to know that even if it doesn’t work out, the mattress won’t go to a landfill.

Silk & Snow |

The Silk & Snow mattress offers a 100-night sleep trial with a minimum 30 day trial before initiating a return.  They also offer FREE shipping (with some exceptions) and a 15 year warranty *some exceptions.

Basic Product Features

** Please visit each mattress website for full details

Logan & Cove |

The Logan & Cove mattress has two firmness options – Medium Plush and Luxury Firm. We have been sleeping on a foam mattress for the past few years, so being used to a firmer mattress, we went with the Luxury Firm. Each Logan & Cove is handcrafted in Canada with Canadian materials.

Pillow Top

  • Moisture-wicking Top Cover with Tencel®
  • Silk Blend Pillow-Top Fill
  • ¾” Cooling Gel Foam
  • 1” Cooling Gel Foam
  • 1″ Contouring Bio Foam

Transition Layer

  • 2″ Supportive Bio Foam

Support Layer

  • 8″ Zonal pocketed coils

Edge Support

  • Engineered Edge Support Foam


  • The Logan & Cove mattress is made with multiple layers of high-density foams that are
    CertiPur-US Certified.

Silk & Snow |


  • Polyester/Spandex/Antimicrobial Cover

Top Layers

  • 1″ Quilted cooling gel foam and holofibre
  • 2″ Gel memory foam

Support Layers

  • 8” pocketed steel coils


  • The Silk & Snow mattress is made with foams that consist of natural seed-based oils
    such as soybeans and made without any of the harmful, allergy-causing chemicals.

My Overall Opinion

Logan & Cove

Our Hybrid Logan & Cove queen-size mattress shipped quickly and arrived at our front door within a week. Because it was so efficiently wrapped, I was able to remove the mattress from its box in our main living space. The mattress came in two layers of plastic, making it easy to carry into the guest room. Once I got it in place, I removed a few layers of packaging, and once the final cover was removed, the mattress quickly decompressed into a full-size queen mattress. It’s actually pretty amazing how they manage to box these! My first impression was that this looked so comfortable! The Logan & Cove hybrid mattress has a soft pillowy top that cradles you right in. The material feels and looks luxurious and ultra-comfortable. At first glance, this mattress looks a lot like a classic coil mattress with a pillow top. Although, once you lie down, you really get a sense of the foam layers and cooling technology. We’ve already had 2 guests sleep on our Logan & Cove, and both gave rave reviews similar to the customer reviews I read on their website. We’ve also tried it out, and based on our experience, we would definitely recommend this mattress.

Silk & Snow |

Our Silk & Snow mattress also arrived quickly at our front door within about a week from the time we ordered it. We had already test our Logan & Cove so Silk & Snow did have a bit of a challenge to live up to.  Our unboxing didn’t go quite as smoothly on the Silk & Snow.  In all honesty, itt was kind of my fault because I didn’t read the instructions that were in the box.  Had I read the instructions, I would have learned that the Silk & Snow wasn’t packaged quite so efficiently as my previous experience.  I removed it from the box and removed the first layer of plastic and the mattress started decompressing.  It was actually quite funny, me trying to quickly get the decompressing mattress from the living room to the guest room.  Let’s just say I broke a sweat but thankfully we did it!

The Silk & Snow decompressed and it was time to see how this hybrid compared to its competitor.  The one noticeable difference was that this mattress didn’t have the same luxurious pillowy top layer.  The outer material was soft but without that pillow top, I assumed it wasn’t going to be as comfortable.  I was determined to give the Silk & Snow a fair chance though, so continued with the setup.  I added sheets, bedding, and cozy pillows and did my first test.

I was pleasantly surprised with how comfortable it was. I’d say it’s firmer than the Logan & Cove and probably closer to the foam mattress we’re used to.

Our Choice

I think that both mattresses are a good choice, and if I only had experience with the Silk & Snow mattress, I would have found it satisfactory. However, after trying the Logan & Cove hybrid mattress and experiencing some of its added features (a more luxurious cover and that cozy pillow top), I would have to say the Logan & Cove is my top choice. Overall, I love the idea of a hybrid! I’ve really enjoyed our foam mattress but definitely missed the cozy feel of a pillow top. A hybrid mattress truly offers the best of both worlds. I may have to move the Logan & Cove into the master suite.

**GoodMorning.com paid me to review and compare the Logan & Cove to the Silk & Snow
mattress. All thoughts and opinions are my own.**