You finally have your dream

built in cabinets, kitchen shelving, or entry table but have no idea where to start in terms of styling them.  Does this sound familiar?  Its something we definitely hear over and over and in all honesty, it’s something we have slowly learned over time.  Shelf Styling in theory seems like it should be a simple task, but it actually takes some methodical thinking, planning, and time to play around with different formations.

Here is a peak into our process

Step 01

Start with a blank canvas.  Remove anything currently on the shelf, shelves, or table and give it a good cleaning.  Fresh inspiration and a clean surface go hand in hand.

Step 02

Start mentally picturing the look you’re wanting to achieve.  Maybe you like a very minimal feel or maybe you want it to feel full and eclectic.  It’s never a bad idea to head over to Pinterest or a favourite Instagram account and pull some inspiration.  There is a reason you follow certain accounts or aesthetics.  Inspiration is everywhere.  Utilize the power of social media.

Once you’ve assessed your inventory (make sure you shop your home and pull from other spaces), you can start creating some groupings.  Think of objects and items that work well together using a mix of shapes, sizes, and textures.

Step 03

Start with your grounding pieces, balancing them within the shelves.  The pieces are the foundation for everything else.  These will be your larger pieces such as baskets, larger vases, books, and art.  These larger pieces are going to draw the eye in and work as a focal point, creating small moments within the full built in.

The Final Touches

Now that you’ve given your shelves a foundation and balance, its time to bring in the smaller items that will add interest and bring your shelf styling to life.  We love the idea of using dried florals in an urn or vase (late summer/autumn is a great time to trim back your blooming bushes).   Add a new candle to bring ambiance.  Bring in books and stack them in 2’s or 3’s and play around with variations whether that be stacked vertically or horizontally.  Use items such as vases, stoneware trays, wooden links, candle holders and more.

Most importantly, play around with it as it takes time to curate a beautiful display.  For some of our favourite shelf styling items, visit our Fall Collection Post from Shoppe Kindred

Pro Tip: Good music and a warm beverage help keep the inspiration flowing

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