An Invitation to Warmth

There is something about the Fall and Winter season that really causes us to crave warmth in every area of our life. The word itself can spark every one of our senses. Whether it be a familiar touch, a scent that brings you back to your childhood, or the sound of a crackling fire.

This season Team Kindred has curated a collection of items that we believe will invite you into the warmth of the season. Here are some of the ways that we plan to bring warmth into our lives over the next few months. We invite you to join us!

01.  Layer in cozy blankets and throw pillows

Bring warmth into the cozy spaces of your home with layers of pillows and blankets.  The goal is to encourage cozy and in order to do this we love keeping a basket filled with various blankets and throw pillows in your main living space or nooks.

02.  Make a seasonal soup and invite a friend over for lunch

And make it a bit “extra.  Set the table for 2 and even though its a mid week lunch, we encourage you to pull out the fancy linens and add some fresh flowers.  A warm bowl of soup and a chat with a dear friend is sure to bring some warmth into your day! Check out Melissa’s Coconut Carrot Soup recipe here.

03.  Tea & Candles

Really, is there anything more inviting than a cup of tea and the warm glow of a candle?  Add in an inspirational home decor book and you have just created an blissful moment

04.  Baking with Love

There is something special about home baked goodies.  So much nostalgia can be held in a special recipe and this season we’re highlighting one of Karin’s Grandma Anny recipes.  We will be sharing the recipe on the Blog soon and will be sure to update this post with a direct link.  Every order we package this season will have a beautiful recipe card with this very special recipe.  We encourage you to try a family recipe this season.  We promise you that it will bring warmth in more than a few ways!

As promised, updated with direct link to Anny Grandma’s Apple Cake recipe

05.  Create a Shelfie Moment

An entry table, a moment on your counter, built in shelving or a bedside table.  Each of these is an opportunity to infuse a little warmth into your space with your personal touch.  This season we are bringing in elements of warmth with wood tones, books, candles, and objects.  We want to see your Kindred shelfie moments.  Be sure to tag us on your socials!

The Fall Collection

An Invitation to Warmth | Browse our curated collection of homegoods to bring warmth into this season.