Moving is a HUGE undertaking! I think most people cringe at the thought of it. We are here to suggest some helpful tips to keep it streamlined & organized for you.

Here is how to have an organized move

  • 1. Purge, purge, purge! That’s right, go through everything. If things aren’t serving you or bringing you joy, donate them! Hanging onto items from 10 years ago… I can assure You;  You don’t need it! Start early on this task as you will be surprised how many items you are able to gather & let go of. If you’re feeling the need you can sell them too.
  • 2. Book your movers, find a credible moving company & book them asap! They book up fast. So contact them & set up a date that lines up with your closing date. Call them 2 weeks prior to your moving date to ensure that they will be there on the day of the move.
  • 3. Locate boxes, Facebook marketplace will be your best friend. People are always getting rid of moving boxes. Some might be charging for these but they will be considerably more inexpensive than buying brand new ones.
  • 4. Start packing early, this way it won’t seem as daunting. A few boxes a day makes it bearable & less intimidating. Tag boxes with the appropriate coloured tape. Red= kitchen, blue= living room, yellow= garage etc. This will make the day of moving so much easier! Be detailed with the contents of your boxes, the more details the better. I’m not saying take note of every item but be precise about what’s inside (for example if you’re labelling it ‘dishes’ explain if they are serving dishes).
  • 5. Rent a storage unit, this will be a lifesaver! Being able to put many boxes into storage will be super helpful. You’d be surprised how many things you can live without for at least a month or two. It will also cut down on work on the day of the move.
  • 6. Remember to cancel home services & re-book for your new home. Hydro, gas, internet & cable are ones to be on top of. If you contact them early enough you can be precise about your move in date & have them connect your services on the day of your possession.
  • 7. Mail forwarding. This might be more of an outdated thing as most bills can be paid online now. I find mail forwarding helpful for when packages are shipped. It can take awhile to remember to change your address & some websites auto-fill your old address.
  • 8. List of items for the new owners.  Leave a detailed list of items for the buyers. House keys, obviously! Any other remaining keys for sheds, etc. Don’t forget to leave your mail keys as well along with a note to explain the location of the mailbox, module number as well as the box number. Leave paint colours or even better empty cans for wall colours, trim & front door. It’s also helpful to write down stain numbers for fencing too. If your home is regularly maintained make note of the companies you use. Don’t forget to pass along the warranty folder to the new buyers if your home is relatively new.

Hopefully you’ve found these tips helpful, Happy Moving!

Melissa & Karin | Team Kindred