Creating Moments that turn into Memories

A Kindred Summer – The Summer Collection from our sister shoppe,  Shoppe Kindred.  This collection is inspired by intentional moments that lead to the sweetest memories.  We considered the extra long play date where you and a girlfriend enjoy good chats on your deck while the kids play.  We thought of the spontaneous beach dinner that you want to feel a little “extra”.  Not to be forgotten is the family bbq’s or outdoor celebrations where al fresco dining is the key element.

We believe that with thoughtful choices, you can create a collection of home goods that allow you to effortlessly make these moments with friends & family.  We are also passionate about items that are versatile and functional in various seasons and spaces throughout your home.

The Shoppe Kindred Summer Collection has been thoughtfully curated and we hope you will find items that awaken your senses and spark creativity within your home and life.

The Summer Collection

Browse our curated collection – A Kindred Summer – Thoughtfully selection homegoods to bring warmth and thoughtful moments to your summer