Its time to refresh the front door for summer!

One of my favourite areas to decorate throughout the year is my front porch.  As the weather warms up and outdoor entertaining beings; your summer front door is the first impression to your family and friends and just a few intentional changes can create a warm and welcoming moment.

Before I start any kind of refresh, I always remove everything and give it a good clean.  For this summer front door refresh, I washed down the entire area, cleaned the windows on my door and even brought out the touch up paint for some areas on the door that needed some love after the winter.


“A Clean Canvas allows you to see a space with fresh eyes and helps to stir up creativity.”

-Karin Usipuik

Start by adding a doormat to ground the space.

We have a double door entrance so I love to fill the area by layering a plain mat with a textured or patterned mat.

Layer in the Planters

I like to bring visual interest with different shapes and sizes.  I also try to incorporate different styles whether it’s a rattan basket, terracotta pot, or even an antique crock.  If you’re after a more modern look, you might go for a more streamlined look with one style.  Play around with it and see what YOU love and what really infuses your personal style into this important first impression.

Bring in other elements

For this summer front door refresh, I’ve layered in these modern lanterns from the Canvas collection at Canadian Tire.  We also have our farmhouse bench by the front door, and I decided to leave a little stack of kindling.  I tossed the idea around and wondered if the kindling brought in too much of a winter feel, but ultimately decided that it added a cozy touch and an an ode to the summer beach fire.