At Kindred, we are big fans of charts & lists.  A clean home really is the perfect backdrop for creating spaces that infuse your personal touch.  Today we are sharing some proven ways to help you keep order in your home & spaces.  We split it into manageable chunks |  daily, weekly, & monthly.


  • LAUNDRY: One load of laundry a day (that’s right). That way you’re not devoting an entire weekend to flipping over your laundry. If your washing machine is a newer version don’t forget to take advantage of the “delay wash” button. Super helpful to throw your load in in the morning before you head out to work & have it set to start for right before you get home.
  • VACUUMING: Focus on the high-traffic areas such as the kitchen, living room & entrance way.
  • DISHES: Don’t leave those dishes in the sink! Spend the 10 minutes & tackle them. I promise waking up to a clean kitchen feels so much better!
  • TIDY UP: Everything has a place! Utilize your baskets, cabinets & cupboards to find a home for your items.


  • BATHROOMS: It always feels like a daunting job but so satisfying to complete. If you don’t have time for a deep clean be sure to sanitize your toilet & surrounding area, as well as countertops & sinks, give the mirrors a quick clean too!
  • FLOORS: A vacuum & mop will leave your home feeling extremely clean (because before you clean the floors you’ll be tidying up all the toys off the floor haha)
  • BEDDING: Now who doesn’t love fresh sheets? Nothing better than getting into a bed with fresh linens. I suggest washing the bedding in the morning so that way you’re not saving it for 10PM when you’re ready for bed.
  • BASEBOARDS: This is a fast job but it’s one that gets neglected. Give your baseboards a quick vacuum.


  • PICK A TASK: Pick a job monthly to complete. Whether that be organizing a linen closet, tackling the exterior windows, cleaning the range hood fan (remember these need to be cleaned out to work efficiently).
  • VACUUM BEHIND THINGS: Yes, that’s right. Move furniture out of the way, make sure to go underneath beds, etc.
  • CLEAN DOOR HANDLES: Spray & sanitize door knobs & handles. This is especially important in cold & flu season.
  • OVEN CLEANING: Probably a task that could be put off for a bit longer. Give your oven & stove top a good scrub.
  • CABINETS: Give the front of your cabinets a wipe with a microfibre cloth. They tend to collect dust & even grease if they’re close to the stove.
  • CUSHIONS: Rotate the cushions on your couch. If the covers are removable throw the covers in the wash (always hang dry). This goes for your throw cushions as well.
  • FRIDGE: Take the time to clean out the leftovers in your Tupperware containers, as well as read labels to make sure sauces etc. are still good. This is a great way to know what inventory you have in your fridge for the week ahead!

When your environment is clean you feel happy, motivated & healthy

-Lailah Gifty Akita

Do you have any Home Cleaning Tips to share? We LOVE to hear what you’re doing to help create a Home that you love! Comment here or send us a dm on Instagram at either Kindredlifestyleco or Goldandginger