Advent is such an exciting and special part of the Christmas Season and I love creating a new advent calendar each year. Here are a few of my DIY advents from previous years

This year I wanted a really minimal advent display but with maximum meaning and I LOVE how this one turned out! Here is how I created a minimal yet meaningful advent calendar. PLUS I have free printables for you so you can make one too!


  • Wooden Box | Dollar Store Find that I painted white
  • Mini brown bags | Dollar Store Find
  • Mini Clothes Pins | Dollar Store Find
  • Printable Numbers | FREE download below
  • Printable Card Inserts | FREE download below

Surprise, Challenge, & Treasures

I’ve seen a lot of different varieties of advent countdowns and I think I’ve managed to create a way to incorporate them into one! This minimal & meaningful advent calendar includes advent treats, acts of kindness and fun activities!

Each little brown bag holds a card that will reveal either a “treasure hunt, surprise activity, or acts of kindness challenge”

Surprise Activity

Ideas for this could be “Christmas Movie & Pajama night” “Hot Chocolate and Christmas Light Tour” “Family Dance Party”. Get creative and have fun choosing special activites for the family!

Acts of Kindness

“Offer to help a sibling clean their room”, “Buy someone a coffee at a local coffee shop”, “Compliment a friend at school”. Lots of ideas for this one and can be customized depending on the age of your kiddos

Treasure Hunt

Give clues to a hidden treasure. I’m going to have fun with this and some days it may be a simple christmas chocolate, or a new Christmas book, socks, special lip gloss….the ideas are endless. The items don’t need to cost a lot and you get to choose how many days get the “treasure hunt” card.

I love how this minimal & meaningful advent calendar incorporates not only the excitement of the countdown to Christmas but also helps keep kindness and family time a top priority! I hope you and your family enjoy this advent project!

I can’t wait to see your spin on this special advent countdown! Be sure to tag me on Instagram if you decide to create this DIY advent!

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