When McGee & Co. put out their Holiday Decor collection for 2021, I instantly fell in love with the vibe. Without sounding like a bit of a fan girl over here; I need to let you know that my entire Christmas decor style for 2021 is inspired by the the Studio McGee Holiday collection.

The tricky thing with being a McGee & Co. fan girl, is that I’m Canadian and they are based out of the US. Because of that, any purchases from McGee & Co. ends up costing me a pretty penny when you factor in the exchange rates, duty and shipping.

So, I’ve had to get creative in order to get the Studio McGee “feel”. Thankfully, my incredible business partner, Melissa is a genius when it comes to DIY “dupes” and she helped me create some McGee & Co. inspired decor at a fraction of the price.

Foraged Floral Glass Ornaments

The Inspiration from McGee & Co.

Melissa was able to source a package of glass bulbs from Amazon linked here. Then, I connected with my friend Emma who owns Keep Floral and she so kindly offered up some dried florals. You can also go out and forage them yourself because there are really no rules here. Anything dried would be so pretty. Even some fresh greenery such as olive leaves, rosemary, cedar etc.

Beautiful Foraged Flowers from Keep Floral

The glass ornaments we found had silver caps and string which a bottle of gold spray paint fixed.

And here we have our McGee & Co. inspired foraged floral glass ornaments

Bottle Brush Trees

McGee & Co. Inspiration

Bottle Brush Trees have been a staple Christmas decor item for the past few years and I’ve managed to collect a bunch of them that no longer fit my style. I decided this year to either DIY them or donate them.

These 3 were nearly identical to the McGee & Co. ones except for the “brush” colour. Nothing a small bottle of acrylic paint can’t fix!

And here is our final result!

I hope you enjoyed these Studio McGee Inspired Christmas decorations and I’d love to hear if you try them yourself! Be sure to message me if you do:)

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