Canadian Thanksgiving is this coming weekend and we will host our family for a traditional Thanksgiving dinner. You all know that I love an opportunity to create beauty out of my favourite canvas – my dining room table. This neutral tablescape for thanksgiving was pretty last minute but I love a challenge. I knew I wanted a really neutral and earthy vibe. Read below to see how my vision became a reality

Before we go any further though, here are a few more tablescapes that I’ve created

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I always start with a draping linen tablecloth. I do this for a few reasons. Truth be told, we have a very dated dining room table and chair set that I don’t love anymore. A long draping tablecloth gives me a neutral canvas to start with. One day I dream of having a beautiful wood table that I maybe won’t cover so often. Regardless, I DO love the look of linen so its a perfect solution!

I’ve paired the linen tablecloth with beautiful neutral linen napkins from Magic Linen. Linens give a tablescape so much depth and texture. You will notice in my images that my tablecloth appears wrinkled…to be honest, I love that. The creases add texture and character and I’m happy to escape the task of ironing!


This part doesn’t change much for me. I have 2 sets of dishes that I use when creating tablescapes and then I usually find something to make each design unique. For this rich and earthy tablescape I knew that my new love for pottery would be the accent. I decided last minute to add to my Kim Taylor bowl collection and she so kindly got them into my hands in the nick of time! Between the earthy pottery bowls and the rich texture from the pottery cups, I attained just the mood I was after!

Natural Elements

Every tablescape I create ends up having a little piece of nature as a finishing touch. Full disclosure, the night before I planned to work on this tablescape, I had started laying out the neutral pieces and I was a bit stumped as to how I was going to add a punch of life to it.


Then, I saw an image from one of my favourite designers. This is the image. I was a preview to the Mcgee & Co. holiday collection. Instantly I was drawn into the rich and earthy mood of the copper/rust accent tones. This image was just what I needed to bring my vision to life. I knew I needed to add in that rich and earthy rust tone. The next day we were on our way to swimming lessons (it’s real life over here friends LOL) and I looked out my window and saw the most beautiful tree with its leaves turning a beautiful rusty copper colour. Instantly I knew that I was going to find my finishing touch outside in nature and I did just that. I went around my yard and foraged anything I could find in that rusty/copper tone.

I tell you this story as a reminder that you don’t always have to go and buy things. Look around your house or look outside in nature. There is so much creativity around us if we just take a moment to think outside the box.

With my foraged natural elements I create a floral cloud hanging just below my farmhouse light fixture. Friends, its literally dead (or shall we say “dried) ferns and a few other things. Who would have thought that some dead ferns would be the finishing touch for my rich and earthy tablescape.

I hope this insight into my process will inspire you to create something beautiful as well! You truly do not have to spend a lot of money to be creative. Repurpose what you have and find beauty in your surroundings.

Happy Thanksgiving from my family to yours!