Hosting a dinner party can feel daunting to some and for others comes naturally. I would venture to say that I land in the natural category and I always say I owe it to my Anny grandma who was the queen of hosting and no matter how big or how small the gathering, made sure that every single guest had an amazing time!

I think anyone can welcome people into their home and create an experience to remember. I’m here to share a few proven tips to make your dinner party a success! Here is another post I shared a few years ago with some very similar tips!

a recent intimate gathering I hosted. We sat outside on my covered patio on a cool autumn evening

Dinner Party Hosting Checklist

  • Plan your Guest List
  • Choose a location | will you have a formal sit down meal at your dining room table or a casual outdoor bbq.
  • Choose a colour palette or theme | Pinterest is your friend. Be inspired and then make your inspiration come to life
  • Order any decor items you will need | For example: do you need flowers, or balloons….
  • Plan a menu | and don’t be afraid of delegating. Have a guest bring dessert, another drinks, etc.
  • Choose dinnerware, flatware, and glassware | I’ve often rented some of these items if I’m after a specific style that I don’t have on hand. ie: champagne flutes for a party that will include toasts or vintage wine goblets for an intimate dinner party
  • Shop for food the day before
  • Organize and set out supplies the day before | pull out your serving platters, dishes etc.
  • Clear Your Schedule | This one is key for me! I always feel way more relaxed when I can clear my day and slowly create the magic throughout the day of the gathering.

The most important thing to remember is this. Being together is the main event. Everything else is just extra. The conversation and connection will be the most memorable part.

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