If you’ve been following me for awhile you’ll know that I’m a big fan of picture ledges. I have them in multiple places around the house and love to switch out the art/prints throughout the year.

Art and Photography is such an integral part of your home and style. Art really showcases you and your individuality. Art comes in various styles and price ranges but for the purpose if this post I want to show you how you can bring art into your home without breaking the bank!


Before we talk about art, let’s chat about frames! I have a few favourite places to grab frames that I’m going to share with you. Frames really bring style and character to your art. You might be an eclectic at heart or maybe you like a very minimalist and modern vibe. Frames are that first step in inviting your family and friends into your decor style. Here is where I find frames.

Opposite Wall |

I discovered this online shop a few years ago and they have easily become my absolute favourite place to buy frames. They have an amazing selection of sizes, styles, and colours and I love the quality. I actually created a reel on Instagram recently sharing some of my favourite opposite wall features.

Their frames aren’t too thick making them the PERFECT option for picture ledges and gallery walls. The layer nicely on a picture ledge and aren’t too clunky when used for a gallery wall.

Ikea |

Coming in 2nd to Opposite Wall frames are the classic Ribba frames from Ikea. I had to give these a shout out because they are great frames! They have always been my staple for picture ledges, gallery walls and really any sort of art/photography display.

Why these come in 2nd (for me) is that they are a bit clunkier than my new found Opposite Wall frames. The Ribba series of frames are incredibly well priced and create the most beautifully cohesive gallery walls. Check out this story highlight from a gallery wall I did with my dear friend Emily at our coffee shop.

I’m sure you’ll agree that the Ikea Ribba frames are a great choice and definitely deserve a shout out!

Winners/Homesense |

I go to Winner or Homesense for unique frames. They always have a great selection of frames that can be used as small fillers on a gallery wall or picture ledge. I also love unique frames for a bedside table, entry table or little nooks around the house.

Thrifting |

Thrifted frames are perfect for the DIY lover or someone wanting to find a perfect frame for a vintage piece of art. I’ve found great thrifted frames that I’ve turned around and painted to give a fresh lease on life. Thrifting is by far the most cost effective way to frame your favourite prints.

How to Display

I believe that every space needs a little touch of art. It’s the stamp of your individual style and its something so easy to change. You can display a vintage piece of art, a collage of family photos or a print from an online shop. Whatever you’re displaying, make sure YOU love it! This is your chance to really let us see your personality.

I know personally I’ve always filled my home with Family photos. It’s only in the past few years that I’ve started adding in prints of other kinds. I’m really enjoying the mix of family images and prints that show off my interests and style

Picture Ledges

I’m a big fan of picture ledges. They are a nice way to scatter an eclectic mix of frames and so easy to change up with the seasons. Here are a few of the picture ledges in our house

Gallery Walls

I also love a good gallery wall. To be honest, I’ve always been intimidated by gallery walls because I’m a bit type A and the thought of the frames being crooked freaks me out.

My friend Emily is a pro at gallery walls (as seen in this image below) and recently taught me her tricks of the trade when it comes to creating a beautiful gallery wall. Check out my Instagram story highlight from our recent project at my coffee shop – The Mill Coffee

Photo credit – Yew Photography

Digital Displays

This is the modern approach to displaying images and prints. I recently purchased a Samsung Frame TV and love how I can display art or images on my screen when we’re not watching shows. There are also lots of different digital art/photo frames you can purchase.

Shelves & Tables

Finally, I love to scatter smaller framed prints and images around my house. I have some on my kitchen shelf, others on my entry table, bedside tables, dressers and more. These little touches bring yet another cozy feeling to your home and showcase special memories or prints you love.

Favourite Print Shops

The world of online print shops has opened up so many opportunities to bring art into your home on a budget. I have a few favourite online print shops so I thought I’d share them with you

Emily Yew.co | Juniper Print Shop | Opposite Wall | Minted

I love all of these shops for their uniquely different styles. Whether you are looking for fresh, west coast vibes, vintage style prints, or modern design, each of these shops will give you a variety of choices!

The beauty of these online print shops is the price point. You can change your prints throughout the seasons or even as your personal style evolves.

I hope this post encourages you to add some prints to your home! I’d love to see your print style so be sure to tag me on Instagram!