The days are getting longer & lighter! I’m sure all this sunshine is energizing you. Time to tackle the spring to-do’s. By choosing a small task each day checking them off the list is very achievable!


Here’s a list of items to help you get sorted for spring:

  • Baseboards (easily neglected but that layer of dust & pet hair has to go!)
  • Clean pendant lights & light fixtures (it’s hard to tell in the winter where the dust is collecting but this is for sure the spot. Use a microfiber cloth with a bit of warm water)
  • Disinfect door knobs & light switches (the high traffic touching areas)
  • Clean out window sills (there can be build of moisture & dust in the window sills, a wipe down will do)
  • Clean out the fridge (wipe those sticky bits out, remove drawers etc. & wash them down with soapy water. Be careful to not put glass shelves in hot water as they’ll crack. Line the produce drawers with paper towel to absorb any spills. That’s a great tip my Mom taught me! Replace water filters & a box of baking soda if you do that 😉 )
  • Freezer (purge your freezer of items that have been there for quite some time. It does tend to go freezer burnt)
  • Pack away seasonal items such as winter jackets & heavy sweaters. Replace them with light rain jackets & light knit sweaters. Designate a storage bin for them or a vacuumed sealed bag
  • Donation pile (always good to purge the items that are no longer serving you. Kids have most likely outgrown their snow suit or pants, you won’t wear that sweater you’ve been holding onto for 10 years. When in doubt donate it!)
  • Tidy up the garage (pack away the skis, sleds, snow shovels. Rotate them with gardening gear, kids outdoor toys (balls, chalk, bubbles, etc.) Give the garage a sweep as well, chances are you’ve brought in a lot of salt & dirt over the winter months
  • Deep clean bathrooms (dedicate some time & commit to doing a full clean of the bathroom. From floors, to scrubbing showers & bathtubs. It will feel so good to have it sparkle)
  • Kitchen sink (although it may not look dirty, there’s a really good chance it is. Disinfect it & finish it with barkeeper’s friend to make it shine)
  • Clean out your washing machine filter (if it’s a front load machine)
  • Organize your pantry, check expiry dates & if you’re feeling inspired transfer flours, cereals, nuts etc. into glass or plastic storage containers. That way they look more uniform
  • Clean your front entrance, you’d be surprised how many spider webs, debris collects by the door. Give your front door a wipe as well as the kick plate.
  • Rotate cushions on your couch, rugs & mattresses. This way you can guarantee they’re wearing evenly
  • Bathroom vents, they gather a thick layer of dust. Give them a vacuum!
  • Organize medications & medical supplies cabinet. You’ll be surprised how many will have expired! Stock up your bandaids etc. Dispose of expired medications safely.
  • Re-organize your linen closet. Maybe even refresh it by adding some new towels. Theres nothing more satisfying then seeing it all folded & in order!
  • Clean out your dishwasher filter. Another small job that goes to the wayside. Run a “clean cycle” on the dishwasher too. When is the last time you’ve done that?
  • Wipe down your kitchen cabinets! They build up with grease & dust.

Cleaning doesn’t have to be overwhelming & daunting. Pick a few a week & check them off the list, have a friend do it with you. Don’t forget to join our cleaning challenge! Happy spring!