Your ultimate guide to maintaining your biggest asset! We’ve compiled a list of tips & maintenance reminders to help you stay on track. Life can be distracting & home maintenance can be at the bottom of the list but we promise to give you some ideas so it’s not so overwhelming.

Create Lists for Each Season

It’s important to break it down by seasons. With Spring just around the corner this is a great time to start focusing on the exterior. Waking up the gardens, turning on the irrigation & paying attention to the outside of your home. We have organized your tasks into simple seasonal checklists.

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  • Turn on irrigation. Contact a professional to come turn the system on again. If you have an app to control your system you’ll also need to reset that according to water restrictions etc.
  • Check your gutters. Clean them out & make sure water can flow freely through them. Check for any damage as well.
  • Exterior clean. This is a perfect time to start the season fresh! Rent a power washer & clean the siding. As well as clean the windows. Winter can be hard on the exterior.
  • Patio or deck. There usually is a dirty film left on the deck from the elements. Give that a scrub & a clean to get it prepped for patio furniture
  • Heating systems. Book an appointment to have your heating system serviced. Whether that be a heat pump, furnace, etc. Have them clean the ducts as well. Don’t forget the dryer vent!
  • Smoke alarms. Change the batteries out every spring. That way you can keep track of how long they’ve been in there for.
  • Add a layer of mulch or fish compost to the garden, this gives the garden the extra boost it needs to thrive. When you invest the money in landscaping the first 2 years of establishing your garden are so crucial. Not to mention the fresh soil gives your garden a fresh look too!
  • Clean out hood fan vents, these get sticky film on them. Which is actually a good thing as that means it’s doing it’s job!


  • Clean the windows on the outside, yes that’s right. Windows get dirty on the inside too! Hot water, vinegar & a rubber blade do a great job.
  • Change the filter in the heat pump, summer temperatures are kicking in & the a/c will work extra hard to keep your house a comfortable temperature.
  • Caulking around doors & windows, after years of wear & tear this can break down. Inspect the exterior for cracks & fill them in accordingly
  • Have your roof inspected, have a professional come over & see if it’s still in good shape. They can let you know if there’s any patching or any attention it may need.
  • Paint touch-ups, this is a great time to touch up trim etc. With the warm weather it dries a lot faster & you don’t have to worry about the rain ruining your paint job.
  • Fencing, check on your fence panels. Make sure they’re still intact. Summer is a good time to touch up fence staining.


  • Fertilize your lawn, you should technically fertilize 4 times a year but if you can only find the time to do it once make it fall.
  • Prune trees, trees & shrubs are ready for their fall prune. This will help them survive the winter. Prune accordingly.
  • Switch off exterior faucets & store hoses, now that you won’t be outside gardening it’s best to bring them in. That way you don’t have the risk of it freezing.
  • Weatherstripping, check windows & doors for weatherstripping. If they need replacing be sure to do that as it can stop the drafts & cut down on energy costs.


  • Change your furnace filters
  • Have your fireplace cleaned, or your wood stove. This way you know everything is burning efficiently without buildup or debris.
  • Test carbon monoxide detectors
  • Seal all cracks & holes on the exterior, everyone is looking for a warm place this winter 😉

Home ownership can be overwhelming but also very rewarding. Working through a check-list can help you budget & stay on track to keep your biggest investment in good shape






We hope this helps you stay on top of all your Seasonal Home Maintenance!