Fresh Flowers

I think we’re always looking for ways to freshen up our homes & change up our space. Flowers! Flowers are ALWAYS the answer. 

Fresh Flowers bring an organic vibe to any room. They’re an instant mood booster. Let’s be honest, we could all use the mood boosting we can get this year. You can go bold or you can stay neutral. Depending on what your taste is, there’s something for everyone! 

Selecting Fresh Flowers

  • Keep it local. Buy from a local florist such as 5th Street Florist. When you buy local it means you’re buying fresh which in turn means they last longer. A local florist also carries a much wider variety. They are able to bring in your favourite blooms or give you helpful suggestions! I always thought tulips & daffodils would pair well together until a florist told me that’s a “no”. Daffodils produce a harmful toxin that can kill other flowers when mixed in the same vase. Who knew?! 
  • Always add greenery! Whether that be eucalyptus, salal, ruscus, monstera leaves etc. They always adds shape & texture to your bouquet making it look fuller & very presentable.

Caring for your flowers

  • Once you have your bouquet home be sure to cut your stems 
  • Make sure the vase is clean before putting your flowers in 
  • Every second day change out the water, remember to use warm water 
  • Dead head the flowers or remove the stems if they are no longer looking good 

Displaying your flowers

  • Put them in the areas of the home you spend the most time in (kitchen, living room, bedroom) 
  • Small bud vases are perfect for nightstands, shelves & on bathroom vanities 
  • Find a vase that suits your decor, wide mouth vases are the best as they can accommodate the larger bouquets. If you end up choosing a smaller bouquet you can always do the tape trick across the top of the vase!
  • If your bouquet is large enough, take some out & make smaller bouquets. It’s nice to spread the wealth! Put flowers in your bathroom or even in your laundry room. Why not?! 
  • Once the flowers are past their shelf life you’ll be left with greenery. In my opinion that’s the best part of the bouquet as it can last in water for months! 

Now, go ahead & treat yourself to that beautiful bouquet of flowers! You deserve it! 

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