Who would have guessed that our lives would shift so much over the past year. 2020 was a roller coaster of a year but it also proved to be a year where we showed just how innovative we can be. With many people being forced to complete their work days from home, I wanted to share a few tips that work for me & some ideas that have helped me stay focused.

Before I begin, one thing that helps me stay focused as I work from home is to start with a clean home. Click here to see my helpful “Daily, Weekly, Monthly cleaning tips” blog post.


Lists are everything! The night before plan your day ahead with your to-do’s, emails, Zoom calls or follow-up actions. That way you’re able to wake up & know what’s on your schedule for the day. Obviously things come & you have to adjust but the more you can plan the better.

Keep a Routine-

It’s easy to get off track! Set out your clothes the way you would if you were going into work. Keep with your normal hours even if that means you aren’t commuting. Log off your computer when the work day has ended!

Designate a Workspace-

Ideally working from your bed sounds dreamy! The truth is if you set up at a desk or table you’re able to be much more productive. If you don’t have a designated office or desk the kitchen table or counter works just fine!

Setting the Tone-

Grab your cup of water, coffee, a good playlist (I always prefer the “chill” playlist on I-tunes that way I’m able to focus on work & not be caught up in trying to sing along haha), turn on the lights or lamps, or even open the blinds to let the natural light in.

Take Breaks-

Set coffee breaks & lunch breaks just as you would if you were spending the day in the office. Don’t forget to schedule a quick break to move your body. Maybe this means a 15 minute walk around the block on your lunch break. Fresh air does wonders your mental well being & change of scenery is great too!

Fuel Your Body-

Don’t forget to hydrate (yes, coffee is great but water is better!). Have healthy versions of snacks readily available ( nuts, hummus & vegetables, dried fruit or protein bars) they’ll get you through those lengthy Zoom calls 😉


Communication is big when working from home as it’s so easy to feel isolated & alone. Checking-in with coworkers & employers is important. Not only for being on the same page but to also feel connected. If you’re having an off day let your employer know.