Were just a few days away from December and that also starts the beginning of Advent! For the past few years, I’ve enjoyed creating my own DIY advent calendar and this years is probably the easiest one yet!

Blanket Ladder Advent Calendar

Blanket ladders have become all the rage in home decor of the past few years and this year my goal was to “shop my home” for a lot of my Christmas Decor.  Introducing Blanket Ladder turned adorable Advent Calendar.

**Note: this DIY advent calendar is still completely doable even if you don’t have a blanket ladder.  You could simple use little command hooks and string ribbon in rows along a wall or use a few trusty branches to create an anchor.


Like I said, this is probably the easiest DIY advent calendar I’ve done yet!  Here are the supplies to grab and all are easy to find at a dollar store

Ribbon | mini bells | mini clothes pins | round stickers | sharpie | mini trees | assorted wooden embellishments | fresh greenery | envelopes


1 | Tie the ribbon in vertical rows either down the blanket ladder, wall or wherever you have decided to assemble the DIY advent calendar.

2 | Mark your envelopes either writing the numbers directly on the envelope or on the attached stickers

3 | Then, use the mini clothes pins to attached the envelopes and then add the embellishments.

Honestly, its THAT easy!

For more DIY advent calendar ideas, check out my previous advent calendars here and here.


What to put in your envelopes?  Here are some ideas:

chocolate | acts of kindness prompts | scratch tickets | scripture verses | gum | words of affirmation | stickers | photo |

Wishing all the JOY this Christmas season!  Thank you for being here and as always, if you are inspired by my projects and decide to try it yourself, tag me because I LOVE seeing your creativity in action!

Until next time,

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