I love refreshing our bedding each season.  Here is last years Winter Master Bedroom Refresh and there is something so cozy about fresh linen bedding.  I love the crisp cozy look of linen bedding but even more so is how luxurious it feels!

This year, has been the year of really focusing on creating comfortable spaces within our home.  There is no travel, no weekend getaways or hotel stays, so I have been spending my time making our home feel comfortable.  I was so excited to partner with LinenMe for a fresh set of bedding for our master bedroom.  Linen bedding washes so well and truly gets better over time.  I honestly feel like I’m getting into a bed from a luxurious 5 star hotel.

To complete my Winter Bedroom Refresh, I added some fresh wintery greens and made a little olive branch wreath to hang on our headboard.

A cozy winter bedroom is all about choosing the right textures that will bring in the cozy vibes you crave in this season.  Linen Bedding is the perfect choice and one you simply won’t regret!  Be sure to visit LinenMe on Instagram or off course on their online shop

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