One comment that I hear all the time is this:  “I don’t know how you do it!” Yes, the truth is, I wear a lot of hats.  It is definitely a true balancing act to keep everything in order.  There are times that everything runs like a well oiled machine and other days where I am dropping balls like crazy.

Overall, I’ve created a FULL life that I really do love!  I have some really basic practices that I’ve incorporated that help keep things moving.

Set Timers

This is a favourite for me!  Is the house in shambles?  Set a 15 minute timer and watch how much you can accomplish in a short period of time.  Trust me! You will be shocked.  Maybe it’s a mountain of paperwork.  Set the timer for 30 minutes and you will be so relieved to see how quickly that pile gets organized.  Need some “me” time?  Set a 30 minute timer and tell the family not to disturb you.  You will feel refreshed and ready to keep going.  I promise.

Assigned Days

This has really helped me compartmentalize my many hats.  For example: Mondays I take care of the coffee shop paperwork, Tuesdays are for Real Estate, Wednesdays I take care of household finances, etc. etc.  Wednesdays I water the plants, Thursdays I set up coffee dates with friends.  Do you see the pattern here?  If I can assign specific days for specific tasks, I find that I accomplish more and it also allows me to focus on one area at a time.

**Be sure to give yourself margin and flexibility though.  Its important to leave room for spontaneous coffee dates with friends.  There will also be times when one hat needs to take priority over another.  Be organized – yes – but leave room for flexibility.


It’s that simple.  Make sure to rest.  We give our kids bedtime routines because they simply function better that way.  I honestly believe that adults are the same.  I function way better when I stick to a schedule and get a good nights rest.  For me that means I’m usually in bed by 10 during the week (I know…lame right?) and I’m usually up drinking that glorious first cup of coffee by 6am.  My early morning start while the rest of the house is still asleep is such a good way for me to start my day.  Find what works best for you and try to make a routine of it!


This is KEY for me!  I’m not good with bookkeeping so we hire a bookkeeper.  Paperwork and detailed admin duties are not my forte, HELLO admin assistant! I’m great at keeping my house “tidy” but those deep cleaning jobs can sure get out of hand…can we say bi-weekly cleaner?

Friends! don’t be afraid to delegate and get help in the areas that could potentially add extra stress to your life.  The truth of the matter is this:  No one can do it all without a team of amazing people backing them up! Create a team and follow the dream:)

Time Management

Ok, this one should be in ALL CAPS.  Time management is HUGE my friends! The key to wearing multiple hats is how you manage your time.  It’s that beautiful balance of the old phrase “work hard, play hard”.  If you want to play hard you have to put in the work and you have to manage your time.

I often find myself analyzing the best way to get a task done in the least amount of time.  For example: Let’s say I need to get groceries but also need gas plus have a parcel to drop off at the post office.   I will figure out the best route to take that will allow me to get all of it done in one outing.  Or,  say I’m going to be out showing homes to multiple clients.  I will make sure that I stack my clients as close together as possible (while still leaving room for margin and flexibility) so I’m not spending more time than needed away from home.

My latest time management trick? Get a Mani and Pedi at the same time! Bam! Nails and Toes are done in an hour.  Now THAT is smart;)

Get up Get Dressed

This one has been so important this year with quarantine and all;). I’m pretty sure it’s a proven fact that we are simply less productive in our pajamas;). I know I sure am!  It is crucial for me to get up and get dressed if I’m going to be productive at all.  Even if I’m working from home I have to get myself ready or I feel sluggish.

Know Your Limit

And stay within it;). Ah yes…now THIS is an important one and one that I have had to learn the hard way once or twice.  I love being a “yes” person but have had to learn the that sometimes saying “no” is the key to success.  I get FOMO sooooo bad and I used to say yes to every event, every client, and every opportunity.

I’ve learned over the years that not every client is going to be the best fit for me and although an opportunity might seem so good, it doesn’t mean it’s meant for me.  I’ve also had to learn to miss out on some pretty fun events.

In real estate, this means that sometimes I pass a client on to another Realtor and take a referral fee instead of a full paycheque.  In the blogging world it has meant turning down opportunities that don’t fit my niche or will take too much time away from priorities.  In my personal life I’ve had to pass up on a fun night out or a super cool event simply because its time to have a night at home.

This is where the true balance comes in.  Prioritizing the hats, finding balance, making time for what is truly important to you and your family and above all taking time to rest in and amongst the hustle.

I don’t have it all figured out but I wanted to atleast share a few things that help me.  Be easy on yourself and only take on as much as YOU can handle.  Were all created different and with different strengths and weaknesses.  You do you and celebrate each others successes!