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We just returned home from a Family Vacation in Maui and it was time to start planning Miss Mila’s 3rd Birthday Party.  Mila already loved Moana before we went to Hawaii, but our trip to Maui sealed her love for this Hawaiian princess.  With the mutual love of Moana and Maui itself, we knew it would be the perfect theme for her 3rd Birthday Party.

Here are all the details of Mila’s Moana Birthday Party

Tropical Balloon Garland

I purchased this balloon garland kit from Amazon and my friend came over with her balloon pump and helped me assemble the garland.  Honestly, without the balloon pump, this would take much longer than it did.  We had the whole project complete within 1/2 hr.

The Tropical finishing touch was the beautiful Monstera leaves gifted to me from 5th Street Florist in Courtenay, B.C.  Ariana from 5th Street Florist was a gem to work with and so kind to send me home with a few beautiful Tropical floral displays and an assortment of beautiful Tropical cuttings to use in the Balloon garland and decor.

Pastel Moana Cookies

I wanted to make our colours a bit more muted and pastel than the standard Moana colours.  My friend Joelle from Lil J Delights is a genius when it comes to cakes, cupcakes and off course cookies.  I asked her to mute the tones and she delivered in the BEST way!

Half Naked Cake

Ok, this title is meant to be funny because I originally wanted to make a naked cake.  I don’t usually take on the cake baking for my parties but because my friend Joelle was making the cookies, I thought I’d try to make a naked cake.  It can’t be THAT hard right?

Being the “fancy” cake baker I am (sense the sarcasm?) I used a classic Betty Crocker cake mix complete with a Betty Crocker tub of icing:) . The cakes worked out great.  I used 9 inch cake pans and they baked up just as I hoped.  It was recommended that I freeze the rounds overnight making them easier to “naked” ice.  I did this and on the morning of the party I pulled them out and started icing my cake:)

So, it wasn’t all bad, but it was definitely trickier than I expected.  I made a 3-tier cake and started icing.  Even after freezing them overnight, they were quite crumbly.  I ended up doing my first layer and then putting it in the fridge for an hour to set.  Then, I took it back out and worked on the finishing layer.  Thankfully at this point my friend Joelle popped by with her “award winning” cookies and helped me finish the last icing layer of the cake (PRO TIP: Run a knife under warm water and then apply the icing.  This gave the smooth look I was looking for)

So, why do I call it the “Half Naked Cake”?  Well, a naked cake it supposed to be a lot more naked than this one turned out.  In my crumbly chaos, I ended up applying a lot more icing than I should have.  Its ok though.  It turns out a Half Naked cake is also pretty:) .

To complete the cake I added another one of the Monstera leaves from 5th Street Florist, a few Tropical flower petals and a few macarons.

Party Food

In addition to cake and cookies, and being that the party was during lunch time; I decided that “Hawaiian” pizza would be quite fitting:) . A big thank you to Panago for delivering 4 large pizzas and keeping all the tummies happy and full!  In addition to the pizza, I had little fruit bowls, gold fish crackers and veggie straws.  What more could a pre-schooler want right?

Tropical Floral Details

As I mentioned earlier in this post; 5th Street Florist here in Courtenay, B.C. were so generous to gift us the most beautiful tropical flowers and greenery to help bring the Hawaiian theme to life!

I used the greenery to add a tropical vibe to the balloon garland, the table scape and also the food area.  I made little pineapple vases for the flowers and they turned out so pretty and really completed the tropical vibe I was going for.

This party was such a FUN creative project for me and made our little Moana lover so happy!  If I’ve missed any details and you have any questions at all, please feel free to send me a message here or DM me on Instagram🙂

Until Next Time,

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