I’m so excited to share my Linen Closet overhaul with you!  For this much overdue project, I partnered with Tiffany from Orderly Lifestyle.  She helped me tackle this organizational sore spot in my home. I needed some serious help in this area and its actually a bit crazy that I just got used to living with it in such a state of disarray.

Before I go any further, Let me show you the BEFORE shots so you can truly appreciate the AFTER.

YIKES!  What a mess!  You can see that I basically gave up on organization all together here.  I had towels mixed with sheets; gift wrap supplies thrown down at the bottom, some random quilts and more sheets on the top and really no rhyme or reason to anything.

This space did NOT “Spark Joy” as the #konmari method would encourage.

This is where Tiffany from Orderly Lifestyle came to my rescue.  Tiffany worked with me remotely and sent me an amazing checklist to help me get this unruly Linen Closet whipped into shape.

Tiffany’s Input

“As we shift into the new year, a lot of people are looking for a fresh start. I believe that starts with the home. Clearing out the clutter and the visual noise, and organizing our space creates a calm inner feeling that can lead to so many wonderful things. 

Many people struggle with their linen closets. Overflowing with sheets and towels, or storing things in there that could be better housed in a different spot. There are many different factors that contribute to the chaos. Size of the closet, other appropriate storage areas, how much stuff you own. Probably the most important part of getting organized and staying organized, is decluttering first. Here are some tips for simplifying and organizing the linen closet.”

Remove and Sort

Take Everything out and sort into piles so you can see exactly what you have.

I did this and could NOT believe how much junk I had been holding on to!


Declutter your sheets, towels, pillows etc. into piles for keeping, donating or repurposing. For bedding, I have a maximum of 2 sheet sets and 1 comforter/duvet per bed. Only having 2 sheet sets helps keep things minimal while still allowing for a “back up” in case it’s needed. Having less items encourages you to stay on top of your laundry duties. 

I managed to fill 2 black garbage bags of extra bedding to donate!


Organize like items to see what you have, and how much space it will take up 

I did this, and once I started filling my baskets I had to remove even more.  I was determined to fit everything neatly into the baskets I had bought and decided that if they didn’t fit, they had to go!


Plan out how you want to organize your items .Perhaps all the towels on one shelf, sheets on another? Using storage bins? 

I had purchased some new baskets and bins at Winners just after Christmas and I played around with different variations until I landed on the best scenario


Measure your shelves before buying any bins or organizational items so you know exactly what you need and don’t have to waste time and money returning items.


Try new ways of folding sheets or towels to fit your shelving.  If your space is small or you can’t seem to fit all your items in your linen closet after doing a declutter, see if you can get creative with other storage space in your home. Maybe the kids sheets could be organized and stored in their rooms to free up room in the linen closet, etc.

This was a great idea!  I ended up putting extra comforters and pillows in each room tucked neatly in their closet.  This took away a lot of the bulk from my linen closet and makes so much more sense!


I cannot get over my newly organized linen closet!  I keep going in there and smiling:)  It truly Sparks Joy now and makes me feel organized and relaxed.  It will be so much easier to keep tidy with the baskets.  I’m so thankful for the tips that Tiffany gave me and I can’t wait to tackle my next closet!!

Until Next Time,

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