So, Christmas is over but Spring is still a few months away.  You’ve pulled down all the Christmas decorations and now your house feels like an empty cave.  I actually love the opportunity that this awkward mid season brings.

In this post, I’m going to share how to use the concept of Hygge for your Winter Home Decor.

Hygge: [ Hue-Gah ] noun

A calm comfortable time with people you love. A complete absence of frustrations or anything emotionally overwhelming, often enjoyed with good food and drinks, warm blankets and candlelight.

Statistically speaking, January can be a real low month for people mentally and emotionally.  The excitement of Christmas has passed, and the weather can be gloomy and dark. Often, the winter blues set in.

I love the concept of Hygge and wanted to share a few ways that you can combat the winter blues and instead embrace it by bringing the comfortable vibe of Hygge into your home.


Use ambient lighting to create a cozy haven inside your home.  I love using different varieties of lighting from candles to dimmer switches, and table lamps. Keep the pretty twinkle lights too!  Lighting sets a tone that will invite that feeling of warmth and comfort.


Use baskets to house all the cozy winter  essentials.  A basket of blankets and pillows, another filled with favorite magazines and books, a basket with cards and games.  Having these winter decor items readily available and displayed in a pretty basket will invite people to use them.


I like the keep the winter decor vibes going strong with chunky throw blankets, a sheepskin draped over a chair, cable knit textures, and warm rugs placed around the house.  Adding textiles provides texture and keeps that cozy feeling of Hygge.

Natural Textures

In every season, I like to bring the outdoors in with the seasons natural textures.  Look outside into the beauty of nature and then add elements of the outdoors to your home.

For winter this could be some fresh cedar boughs in a vase or some branches placed in a metal bucket.  I also love these little mini trees scattered around the house.

I also like to change up my shelves and decor items.  Usually the week after Christmas I remove the blatant Christmas decor and re-organize, re-purpose, shop my home and freshen up my shelves.

I leave the wintery decor items such as pinecones, little trees, branches, and some greens.  Then, I bring back my household plants that were tucked away for Christmas and incorporating these with the winter greens makes a nice segway from winter to spring.

Now, instead of just surviving those last few months of winter, you can thrive in your cozy home with winter decor and the feeling that the concept Hygge brings.

Until Next Time,

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