I’ve hosted many parties over the years and LOVE doing it!  I know that hosting isn’t for everyone and thats totally fine!  If you don’t love hosting, you can be a party go’er and thats just as important:) . Stress Free Entertaining is important for me so that I can enjoy the process.

I can honestly say that I don’t get stressed out by the idea of filling my home with guests.  I’ve learned some great tips over the years that make my hostess job easy and streamlined.  I thought I would share a few tips that I find make entertaining and hosting parties stress free and leaving me feeling organized and prepared.

Make Lists

write it down, make your lists and check them twice.  Typically about a week before the party I write out what I’ll need for food, drinks, supplies, etc.  You can add to the list, check that list off, and it just helps clear all the “to do’s” from your brain leaving space for more fun things like – creativity –

Say “NO” to last minute shopping

I always make sure that I can get the bulk of my shopping list completed the day before.  Now, thats not to say that there aren’t last minute grocery stops on the day of.  Its just much easier to tackle the majority of it the day before.  You could even go a few days before but then you’re at risk of food not being as fresh.  I typically plan to go the day before for that reason

Clear your Day

This is one thing that I’ve learned the hard way.  I would make this tip a priority.  If you’re planning a party, try to schedule it on a day that you can be off work.  For example, if you work Monday – Friday, plan your parties for the weekend.  I find that having an open schedule on the day I’m hosting makes me feel more relaxed, organized, and ready to open up my home to guests.  With an empty schedule, you can take your time on the day of and not feel rushed or stressy

Start Clean

Before the party starts, make sure your sink and dishwasher are empty.  This may seen silly or minor but its one of my priorities.  Clean up will be much easier if you’re starting with a clean slate.  Trust me, this little tip will be a game changer.  I also recommend organizing and cleaning your fridge.  With added party food and potential leftovers its nice to start with a clean slate.

Prep Early

I try and do a lot of my food prep in the morning.  Its nice to get it out of the way and allow some time for a little R&R in the afternoon before the guests arrive.  You will be a happier host with a little down time before the party begins:)

Stock Up

Its nice when you have a little stash of party supplies already.  I’m always on the hunt for cute napkins, straws, serving platters and more.  If I see a good deal I usually buy it and keep my stash fresh and interesting.  Now, with that said, be careful not to let the clutter take over.  That is a whole other issue.  I’ve learned to keep track of what I have on hand so that I don’t add clutter to my life.  Its just nice when you already have a good start on the party supplies

Space Planning

I like to plan ahead how I will lay out a party.  Where do I want to put the food, drinks, etc.  Usually the day before a party I pull out my serving platters, take inventory, and organize what I want the flow of the space to look like.  I also like to have extra platters and serving dishes out for my guests.  Often guests arrive with their food contribution and need a dish or spoon.  I like to be prepared.

Clear out Clutter

My bedroom typically becomes the catch all space for unwanted clutter before I host a party.  For example, I keep a little basket on our kitchen counter that has household bills, random pens, school notices etc.  Its convenient for everyday use, but I don’t need my guests to see it.  So, I make a little pile in my room that I can easily transfer back once the party is over.


If you feel a bit overwhelmed hosting alone, why not find a friend and host together?!  This can be a super fun and effective way to throw a party!  Find a friend, put your heads together and create together!  With this idea you can share the tasks PLUS you can prep together the day of and that just FUN in itself.  You can become the best party planning team in town!

I hope you enjoyed this post and some of the tips I’ve learned over the years!  Check out my Simple Holiday Charcuterie post for an easy and impressive way to feed your guests.  Did I miss a Pro Tip?  Message me here or visit me on Instagram to share your entertaining ideas!

Until Next Time,

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