Its the Most Wonderful Time of the Year and one part I love about this season is sharing my Holiday Home decor.  I find that Christmas can make a home feel cluttered time of the year.  With the addition of decor and gifts it can feel overwhelming by the end of the Season.  Because of this, I’ve made a point over the past few years to scale down my decor to more of a Simple Christmas decor style with natural touches.

I would describe our Simple Christmas decor as more Winter than Christmas. Most of the items we use to decorate our home for the season can be carried through into January as they have much more of a wintery vibe.  I really amped up my love for a good DIY this season as well.  Check out my Dried Orange Garland DIY as well as my DIY Advent Calendar.

Front Porch

I wanted to make the front porch of our Modern Farmhouse feel festive and welcoming but also have a rustic and natural feel.  I worked with Art Knapp Courtenay and they generously provide me with a variety of natural cedar greens, a few evergreen trees and some adorable little Alberta spruce trees.


Well, that sounds much more fancy than it actually is but I couldn’t think of a better way to describe it.  When you walk through our front doors you are basically greeted with the staircase.  Then, over to the right I have a wall with our entry table that basically doubles as my mantle.  We have a wood stove which I love but sadly no mantle.  So, I use this little entry table as my seasonal display area.  I change it up for every season and at Christmas time it has become the space for my annual DIY Advent Calendar as well.

For the staircase, I almost always adorn it with garland and lights but for some reason this year I just wasn’t feeling it (trust me I surprised myself).  Once again, because we don’t have a mantle, I use the staircase as the place to hang our stockings.


I went dried orange crazy this year so naturally the kitchen received a splash of orange with this cute orange garland.  Then, I added just a few simple touches to my open shelving.

Dining Room

Click here to see my full Christmas Tablescape.  I am passionate about creating a beautiful Tablescape and I typically keep my table decorated for the full month of December.  It becomes a part of our decor and I just love it!  I also had Amy from Wildwoods Art & Craft bring beauty to my paper roll with a hand lettered quote.

The Christmas Tree

I’ve started a tradition of creating a cozy reading nook under the tree.  I use my big chunky knit blanket as a tree skirt and add a basket of pillows, another throw blanket and a basket of Christmas books.

We have a fake tree and our ornaments are fairly neutral with a mix of family keepsakes and a few new additions over the years.

Master Bedroom

Recently, I worked with Bed Bath and Beyond for a Winter Bedroom Refresh so I already had a good starting point in terms of adding that cozy feel to our room.

I added some simple Christmas decor to our master bedroom with a pretty handmade garland and some cute little potted trees.

That is the extent of my Holiday Home Tour for this year.  As I’m sure you can tell, I’ve really leaned into the Simple Christmas Decor style and I really love how little clutter I’ve added to our home.  I would love to see how you are decorating your home this Season.  Be sure to tag me in your Instagram posts or stories:)

Merry Christmas!

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