This post is sponsored by Art Knapp Courtenay.  They generously donated items including the basic cedar wreath for this post and I’m thrilled to show how I’ve created these pretty wreaths with the lovely greenery they provided

I’ve always loved a fresh cedar wreath. In addition, I have always wanted to take a basic cedar wreath and embellish it to my own customized style.  Melissa and I decided to do just that and take a basic cedar wreath from Art Knapp and add our own additional greens.  For a pop of colour we added some dried oranges.


1 | Basic Cedar Wreath.  I picked up 2 because I have a double front door.  The wreaths at Art Knapp Courtenay were fresh, full and the perfect base for us to customize

2 | Floral Wire & Floral Picks

3 | Scissors

4 | Mixed Greenery.  We chose an assortment of Eucalyptus, Salal, and Juniper.  I totally forgot to get some Magnolia leaves for a pop of brown but next year I definitely will!

5 | Dried Oranges.  This is completely optional and you may choose a variety of other options.  Dried Oranges are all over my Christmas Decor theme this year including my Christmas tablescape and a few other areas of my home.  Check out my Dried Orange Garland tutorial here.


We decided that we wanted our wreaths to have a minimalist feel to them.  In order to keep with this theme we decided to create about 6 little bundles of greenery that we would then add to our basic cedar wreath.

We made little groupings of greens and tied them with floral wire and/or the floral pick (this depended on how tucked in we wanted the greenery bunch)

Once you have your little bunch of greens assembled you just push it through the wreath and then wrap more floral wire around it to secure it in place.

*Tip:  I scattered the bunches tucking some in behind the cedar and some more out front. This gives a variety of depth.  It also helps to turn the wreath around and make sure your greenery bunch is fastened well around the wreaths’ metal frame.

Final Touches

Once all of the greenery bunches were added to the basic cedar wreath and fastened in place we added the final touch.  Dried Oranges are a big part of my Christmas Decor theme this year so I knew that this would be the perfect finishing touch for my Customized Cedar Wreath.

With my wreaths being the first thing you see as your enter our home, they set a tone for our Christmas Decor theme.  We added the oranges with more floral wire and adhered them in a few places around the wreath.  The perfect finishing touch!

Have you customized a basic cedar wreath?  I’d love to see your personal touches!  Be sure to tag me on Instagram if you decide to customized a wreath this year!

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