This post was sponsored by Planet Kids.  All opinions are my own.  We only take on partnerships that fit our families lifestyle

We’ve headed out of the Toddler and Stage and into the fun and exciting Preschool Stage.  It’s time to refresh our place space and incorporate some new activities that are age appropriate and will challenge our eager little girl.

About 18 months ago I published a post about the Toddler Friendly play area. We first created that space when Mila was just over a year old.  Click here for some great play space ideas for the Toddler Stage.

My friend Jacklyn is ECE trained and has always been my source for creating a place space for Mila that is age and stage appropriate.  She has taught us how to cater to the specific needs and interests that our little girl has.  Every child is different, learns differently, plays differently and therefore requires their own set of toys and activities. We’ve always wanted to foster the best play experience in our home.  I love how Jacklyn helps us choose quality over quantity and has taught me how to set up an inviting space for Mila to develop and grow.

Planet Kids

It was so wonderful to partner with Planet Kids on this play area refresh.  This Comox, B.C. Children’s store has a wide selection of Toys, Learning Activities, Books, Clothes, and so much more!  Pam, the owner has a passion for quality when it comes to Children’s products and takes great pride in sourcing products that will be enjoyed not only by your child but generations to come.

With Christmas Approaching, Planet Kids is your one stop shop for sourcing some quality gift ideas for the little ones in your life.  Let Pam and her team help you customize choices for your child’s needs helping you make quality choices this Christmas Season.  Let’s reduce the over commercialized approach!

Here are the selections that Jacklyn and Pam customized to our specific play space and the interests of our little Mila girl.

Baking Essentials

Fostering a growing love for Baking, along with Mila’s already avid interest her Hape Kitchen, we decided to add some Baking Essentials to her collection.  We went with the Mixer, Melissa and Doug Chef’s Costume, and added a few accessories to set up an inviting baking scene for our little Baker to create yummy goodness.


Preschoolers love puzzles and the thrill of piecing together a scene.  Its also so good for their development teaching hand eye coordination, persistence, find motor skills and problem solving.  Planet Kids has a great variety of puzzles for all ages and stages.  This has been a great quiet time activity option for Mila.

Memory Game

Goki brand has a great assortment of learning activities and this memory game has been a big win for Miss Mila.  Repetition is big for her right now and her memory is expanding all the time.  She loves matching the animals and testing her memory.

Magnetic Chips and Wand

This little setup has been a complete hit!  Mila loves moving the chips from one jar to the next, counting them, and sorting them into colours.  These are great for hand/eye coordination, learning colours, counting, and fine motor skills.

Wooden Animals

Wooden Toys in general are always my first choice.  When made ethically, they are a healthier choice for our kids and our planet.  These particular wooden animals from Holztiger are hand made and then painted by an artist.  They are heirloom quality which means they will last.  We are slowly creating a little collection for Mila.

Additional Activities

We also picked up a variety of books, stickers, and arts and crafts supplies to have on hand.  I wanted her to have a nice selection of “quiet” activity options.  Every household needs “quiet” activity am I right?

I hope this Minimal Place Space has inspired you to create a thoughtful place space for your little one/ones 🙂 . As we head into the Christmas Season I’m excited to make intentional choices in this area.

Thank you once again to Planet Kids and Invitation to Imagination for Sponsoring this Post:)

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