I’ve been eyeing up the ‘Hello’ doormat from Wayfair for a few years.  I first saw it via the lovely Jillian Harris and we can all agree that her style is always on point.  I’ve had the mat in my Wayfair shopping cart forever and a day but I’m apparently too cheap to take the plunge LOL.  Ok, in my defense, we have a double front entry so the mat size I need makes the rug a little to rich for my budgie;)

Well well, guess what? My girl, Melissa (also known as Gold and Ginger) and I did a pretty amazing knock off version of my favourite mat if I do say so myself!  Here are the step by step deets for this fun little DIY that literally took us less than an hour (with toddlers running around might I add)


Just a few items are needed to tackle this project.  We found a plain rug from Home Hardware that was big enough to span the width of my double entry (Win #1) . Then, from a local dollar store we picked up some black craft paint, foam brushes, and at home I had a white chalk marker


Oval Template

To trace the large oval we cut out a piece of cardboard and then used a chalk marker to trace the shape onto the mat.  Once that step was complete, we painted over the chalk drawing, giving it 2 coats of the paint.


Paint and Leaves

Once the oval was traced and painted we moved onto the little leaf design.  This was really simple.  We just took the foam brush, and pressed down on the side of the brush kind of dabbing the brush (if that makes sense?) . I’d recommend using a fair bit of paint on your brush for this part.

Hello or Hella

We didn’t bother with a template for the word “Hello” because Melissa is a rockstar.  We once again traced the word with white chalk paint and then went over it with the black paint.

Ok, every DIY has to have a fun little quirk, am I right?  We sat there debating whether the word was centered on the mat and decided that it may be a bit off.  Instead of re-writing the word we came up with a brilliant idea to add a cute little loop at the end of the word.  Well, its ‘Hella” cute alright!  (do you see it?)

I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Well Friends, there you have it!  A designer front door mat at a fraction of the price.  This mat came in at roughly $50 compared to this one here.

I’d love to see your version if you decide to tackle this project!  Make sure to tag me or send me a message:)

Until Next Time,

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