I’ve never been a big fan of Halloween Decor and because of that have always taken a fairly minimal approach with this particular holiday.  I’m really neutral when it comes to Home Decor so I think that is why I’ve never gone too crazy over Halloween Decorations.

This year I wanted to surprise my family and do a little something and found an idea for Minimalist Halloween Decor with painted pumpkins.  I found lots of insiration on my Pinterest feed.  I was so inspired so decided to try a little Pumpkin Painting DIY for myself.  I am over the moon thrilled with the results!  I finally found a way to make Halloween match MY style!


You can purchase paint from a hardware store or even a dollar store for that matter.  I wanted custom paint colours so went with these little paint mini’s from Home Depot.  You can also use craft paint. Click here.  You’ll also need some paint brushes.  I used foam brushes and it worked well!

I laid out my supplies with my Gathre mat on my kitchen counter for an easy paint surface.  I added a layer of newspaper on top for extra protection.

Paint and Decorate

First step is to paint your pumpkins.  Let them sit to dry for a few hours.  I found that the longer they dry, the better your decorating/drawing process will go.  I painted early afternoon and then decorated after bedtime.  Next year I’m making this a fun girlfriends craft night.  Its waaaay too much fun to do alone!

Once my pumpkins were dry, I used Sharpie Pens to decorate. Have fun with it!  I sure did!


For a an extra touch to my Minimalist Halloween Decor, I bought this package of Bat decals and I really love the extra touch and whimsy they give!

Happy Crafting and Decorating My Lovelies!

Until Next Time,