Ok, perhaps that title is a bit dramatic but seriously friends! Laser Hair Removal has been SUCH a game changer and I’m just sad that I waited so long to get it done.

**This post is sponsored by Clinic No.5 Laser.  I was gifted treatments in exchange for a review.  All opinions are my own.

Laser Hair Removal was something I knew very little about and honestly had not taken the time to research much prior to this treatment experience.  I definitely had some negative ideas about Laser Hair Removal though.  I’d like to share some of the common questions that I’ve heard about Laser Hair Removal and give an honest review of what I’ve learned through my personal experience.

Question #1:

Does Laser Hair Removal Hurt?

So this was a big thing for me.  I’m such a baby when it comes to pain.  I’ve always stayed away from the idea of Laser Hair Removal because I honestly thought and had heard that it was a painful process.  I haven’t even wanted to go for wax treatments because in my mind, the pain is worse than the gain LOL.

Ok, so lets debunk this theory! I can 100% assure you that my experience with Laser Hair Removal was not painful.  Yes, you feel a little something, but if I had to give you a pain level between 1-10, I’d barely give it a 3.  I do feel that this has a lot to do with the technician and their knowledge.  Jenn at Clinic No.5 Laser takes her time to ensure that she doesn’t over do it.  She asked me often if I was ok, and always asked me at my next appointment if I had any reactions or sensitivity after the previous treatment.

Question #2:

Is Laser Hair Removal Expensive?

So this was definitely what I thought.  Anything I had ever heard about Laser Hair Removal included the idea that it was a very expensive investment.

When I analyze whether a treatment or service is worth the investment I always try to use the comparison vs. long term gain method plus the value to me in terms of convenience.

If I add up the money I’ve spent over the years on razors, shaving gel, and even the bit of waxing I’ve done, Its a no brainer to me that Laser Hair Removal is worth the investment and time.  Its a short term investment into long term gain.  The nice thing as well is that you can split up your package into payments so its not one big chunk at once.

Question #3:

Does it work?

I can only give you my personal experience on this one and the answer is 100% YES!  I have Italian in my blood which we know what that means – dark hair and plenty to go around –

The treatments that I personally had done were:

Upper Lip | Under Arm | Feet/Toes | Bikini

After just one treatment (typically it takes 6-8 for full removal) I noticed a huge reduction in hair growth.  By the end of my 6 treatments I am happy to report that I have almost no hair left in the areas that I had treated.  Now I want to keep ploughing forward to remove all the unwanted hair!

Question #4:

Are there any side effects?

Once again, I can only share my personal experience.  Jenn at Clinic No.5 Laser definitely knows what she’s doing and takes the safest precautions to ensure that you have little to no side effects.  At my first appointment Jenn was careful to go over the important precautions to take in order to achieve best results and limit side effects.

Staying out of direct sunlight is very important and although the bulk of my treatments were through the summer months, I worked hard to keep my treatment areas clear of direct sunlight.  Jenn also starts with a low laser and slowly increasing with each visit.  I truly believe that this was why I had such good results and very little irritation to the area.

Typically I had a little bit of redness and irritation for less than an hour after my treatment and that was honestly the only side effect (if you even call that a side effect.  I mean I feel like shaving or waxing would cause harsher side effects)

My Experience with Laser Hair Removal at Clinic No.5 Laser was extremely positive and successful! As I mentioned at the beginning, I’m just sad that I waited so long to deal with all of that pesky hair!

I would Highly recommend Jenn at Clinic No.5 Laser!  Check out her website here for details on all the services she offers.  Her Fire and Ice Facial is also a hit in my books!

Until Next Time,

Photography by Bernine Marie Photography