This is a super easy, fun, and FREE activity to do with the kiddos this Fall.  Gather some of the many fallen leaves from your yard or even better add a fun outdoor element.  Take the kids on a fun “leaf hunting” adventure and let them choose their own assortment of leaves.  A great way to get some fresh air, explore, and enjoy the beauty of nature.

As I said, this is an easy activity and takes very little in terms of supplies and absolutely no money!  Here is the step by step guide on how to make an adorable leaf crown with your kiddos this Fall.

Crafts are way more fun when you do it with friends.  Grab a mama friend and her kiddos to do this fun activity with you.  Make sure you mama’s have a Cozy Fall drink in hand (may I suggest a Chai Latte?)

Gather Leaves

We found that it DOES matter what kind of leaves you choose.  Avoid leaves that have been on the ground for too long and have become crunchy and brittle.  Instead, choose freshly fallen leaves that are still soft and flexible to work with

Dry Leaves

Lay them out on a table and allow them to dry out for a few hours.  My suggestion would be to go exploring in the morning, dry the leaves during naptime, and then they will be ready to go once the kiddos are awake, refreshed and ready to be creative

Assemble your Crown

There are 3 basic steps to the assembly of your crown:

  • Snip the end to make a sharp edge
  • Fold the leaf in 1/2
  • Pierce the next leaf through and “sew” it through the folded crease

Repeat these steps until you have enough length to fit around your little ones head.

Once you have enough length, the final step is simply to do one last “seam” attaching the two ends together forming your adorable finished crown

Its THAT easy! Now your littles have the sweetest little Fall crown to wear during their pumpkin patch visits, around the house, or maybe even to bed if they’re like my little one LOL.  Visit my friend Emily’s Blog here for even more details about this fun DIY we did together with our littles:)


Until Next Time,