This boy started grade 10 this week and he has grown up so much this year!  Knowing that his years of living at home are numbered, I knew that there was no time like the present to get this long overdue bedroom refresh completed.

The fun part about this project was the fact that he’s not only old enough to help but super handy!  It was fun to tackle his bedroom refresh together and I bet he will appreciate it more because of it!

I had wanted to add a feature wall to our house for so long and decided that this space was the perfect place to give it a try!  Let me walk you through the updates we made, and I’ll be sure to tag all the sources:)


Start with a Base

Evan had actually painted his whole room last summer (I told you, he’s handy;).

The colour for the white base is “Cloud White” – Benjamin Moore.  We’ve used this colour in a few of our spaces and its always a win in my eyes!  Its a warmer white and brings a nice fresh palette to a space while still being warm and inviting.

Add a Feature Wall

Choosing the perfect colour for the feature wall was tricky!  There are a ton of options and trends right now when it comes to a dark wall.  I toyed between a deep navy, or dark green but finally settled on finding a deeper charcoal tone.

I spent hours on Pinterest but ultimately messaged a few of my favourite home decor bloggers who have feature walls and asked what colour they had used.  I am so happy with the choice we made!

The colour for the dark feature wall is “Racoon Fur” – Benjamin Moore

Bed Frame and Mattress

Evan was long over due for not only a bed frame but also a new mattress.  He had been using an old hand me down box spring and mattress and it was definitely time for an upgrade.

We have worked with Endy a few times now and knew that another Endy mattress in the house was hands down the best option!  We opted for a queen size mattress and a matching set of pillows.

After just a few weeks Evan reported that he was finding his new mattress and pillows to be super comfortable!  He’s now had his mattress for over 100 days and I don’t think he’d ever want another brand of mattress.

Endy mattresses come with a 100 day guarantee so its really such an easy decision knowing that your full satisfaction is of upmost importance.

We also upgraded his bed frame and purchased his queen size frame from Costco.  Its a modern touch to his room with a masculine style perfect for his new mature bedroom design.  The charcoal grey works well with his feature wall!



One of my favourite aspects of a room refresh is all the finishing touches! I wanted to let Evan be part of the decision process on his updated space so we sat together and chose some fun accent pieces to complete his room.

The “Adventure” sign with wood frame was a perfect slogan for Evan’s room.  He loves everything from fishing to quading and being out in the great outdoors.  William Rae Designs had a bunch of great options to choose from but ultimately Evan decided that this one was the perfect fit

For a few final touches we added throw pillows, a fun plant stand, snake plant, and a fun mirror.  We love Winners/Homesense for all of our finishing details!

Now that Evan has his newly updated space to relax we just have to work on keeping it tidy:)  Do you have a teenage girl in your house?  Click here to see bedroom inspiration for a teenage girl:)

Until next time,