One of my new favourite ways to decorate is with baskets! I recently learned how to design a Basket Wall and I’m so excited to share it with you!

They say that a basket wall is the new “Gallery Wall” . For years we’ve seen beautiful photo gallery walls and as much as they are still all the rage, we’ve got a new kid in “design” town called the “Basket Wall” . This inexpensive way to decorate is all over the inspiration sites right now and for GOOD reason.

A Basket Wall is a super easy, inexpensive design feature that bring a lot of wow factor, warmth and texture.  Here are a few easy tips on how to Design a Basket Wall

Source your Baskets

There are a bunch of places to find a selection of baskets for your Basket Wall.

Etsy Shops | Support a small shop and let them do the running around for you.  There are a few Etsy shops specializing in basket walls and this one is my Favourite.  She searches high and low for a great assortment of shapes and sizes, colours and more.  Make sure to act quick because her Basket Wall bundles disappear almost immediately!

Thrift/Antique Shops | This will definitely be your most cost effective way to set up your Basket Wall.  If you’re an avid thrifter and love the chase, this is definitely the method for you!  You are certain to find a large variety of baskets of all shapes and sizes while you’re out thrifting

Home Decor Shops | A lot of home decor shops are carrying a variety of baskets these days.  It may be a process of taking your time and building up a bit of a stash.  That might be the best part of the process for you!

Do you have some suggestions on a great source for designing a Basket Wall?  I’d love for you to share in the comments!

Planning your Design

I would suggest between 6-10 baskets for a perfect basket wall.  Truthfully though, this is the personal side of this fun creative venture and the beauty of it is there are NO rules!  (That I know of atleast;))

Once you’ve decided on the space that you’re going to install your basket wall, its important to lay it all out and really make sure that its going to work in the space and give you the look you’re going for.

Personally, I had this great big wall in our entrance that was just screaming for attention!  I had pondered a gallery wall, picture ledges, a bit art piece but none of these were really exciting me and they all felt really

I decided to go with a collection of 10 for my basket wall and mixed up the tones, shapes, and sizes for the creative look I was going for.  Again, this is your time to shine and dig into your creative senses.  For some of my favourite Basket Wall inspiration, check out the following Instagram Accounts that have beautiful Basket Walls!

Modernly You | Carla Natalia | Emily Jane Lathan | kcdesignco |

The Installation

This was my first attempt at a basket wall.  I had my friend Jacklyn over and we brainstormed the best way to get it installed (with 3 kids running around us I might add;)

The best option would have been to use a putty style adhesive but I didn’t have any on hand and so I went with my faithful command strips.  These definitely did the trick for the most part, but some of the heavier baskets were having a harder time sticking in place while we did our trial run.

Here is my Step by Step Installation Guide:

1 | Lay the basket out on the floor below the wall that they will be attached to.  This allows you to get a feel for the sizing, placement, and layout you want to go for

2 | Start adhering them to the wall with the temporary adhesive.  This allows you to see the final result before fully committing.  With the temporary adhesive you can make last minute changes and adjustments.

3 | Remove each baskets temporary adhesive and install.  I used small white finishing nails and once nailed in they disappear giving a nice clean finish.

VOILA! There you have it!  The cutest little Boho themed basket wall to enhance your space!


I hope you enjoyed this fun and easy decor project!  I’d love to see your Basket Wall if you have one!

Until Next time,


Photography by Bernine Marie Photography