Fresh flowers are one of my favourite ways to add personality and warmth to our home. In this post I’m going to share with you my little tip on how to style a bouquet of flowers.

I think often we assume that adding fresh flowers to our home can feel like a splurge item but I’ve found a way to bring the warmth of flowers into my home while being budget friendly! Win Win:)

It all starts with Flowers

There are a variety of sources to find fresh flowers whether it be your local grocery store, a local florist, farm, or market.

Your local grocery store will often have small bouquets that you can mix and match or even bouquets already arranged that offer a variety of flowers.  My favourite grocery store option is to pick a few small bouquets of seasonal flowers, and some sprigs of eucalyptus.

A local floral designer will usually have access to an even greater selection of flowers.  Floral designers have access to wholesale options and unique variety.  This is definitely my favourite source.

You can also visit a local farm or market for fresh flowers and at the same time support local businesses!

We have a flower stand in our coffee shop and we’ve been lucky enough to connect with a fantastic local florist – Bezaire Event and Floral design.  This is where I picked up the beautiful bouquet for this particular post.

Vases and More

I have a few favourite vases in different shapes and sizes but have also loved finding unique variations of containers to split my flowers amongst.

Walk around your house and get creative! I’ve used  mason jars, old candle holders, terra-cotta pots, and even just a simple drinking glass will do!

The idea here is to gather an assortment of shapes and sizes to deconstruct your bouquet into.  You want to spread a variety of mini flower arrangements around your house taking that simple bouquet and making it multiply for a budget friendly and super personal touch!

Get Creative

ok, here is your time to shine! This is where you get to use your own creativity and there really are no rules!

Gather all your containers and start cutting, placing, mixing and spreading those flowers amongst the vases, jars and glasses.

This is the fun part! You get to make unique flower arrangements in multiple containers.  Make one super simple and the next full of variety.  There’s no right way to do this, it’s your creative touch!


Spread the Joy

Now that you’ve taken your bouquet and multiplied it, you get to spread a little joy all around your home! Flowers and Greenery add pops of colour and warmth so having the ability (and budget) to give a little love to a variety of spaces is what makes this extra fun!

I usually take my larger vase and place it in a prominent location such as the kitchen island, dining room table, or entry table.  Then I’ll take the smaller arrangement and place them in special spots around the house.

And there you have it! You’ve taken a simple bouquet of flowers and multiplied it into little splashes of flower goodness in multiple spaces around your house!  Now THAT is budget friendly decor at its finest:) . I would love to hear some of your great ideas on how to style a bouquet of flowers.  Leave me a comment or even a link to your favourite floral design tips!

Until Next Time,