For Mila’s 2nd birthday I decided to whip together a quick party with a few of her buddies.  Toddlers have a limited attention span, so I decided to make it a quick morning coffee and donut party for moms and tots.

This was such an easy party to organize and didn’t take a lot of time or effort to make it cute, fun and memorable!  I try to keep an assortment of basic party supplies on hand so that it doesn’t feel overwhelming to throw together a last minute party.  Some of the basics that I like to keep stocked are cute straws and napkins.  I usually pick them up when I see them at Winners.

In addition, I’ve collected a good assortment of RE-Play dishes that are perfect for parties.  My Gathre mats are also awesome!  For this party I used one for our craft station and one for our indoor picnic.

Donut Grow Up

Since donuts are all the craze right now, it was an easy theme to work with.  We have a popular local bakery that makes the most delicious donuts.  I asked for an assortment of glazed, plain and sprinkles.

For some extra little snacks we had donut skewers.  These were easy to make with Tim Hortons timbits and cute paper straws.  In addition, I had little paper cups that I used to serve donut “seeds” (aka strawberry flavoured Cheerios)

For a little craft time, I set up a “Donut Dough” (aka Play-Doh station) . I placed my Gathre mat on the table, and put out the donut dough with a variety of cookie cutters, and different tools to make fun shapes.  This was a great toddler activity!

Mila’s 2nd birthday party was easy, fun, and cute with this Donut theme.  Such an easy party to throw together last minute and inexpensively!  If you are looking for a fun party theme, I would highly recommend a Donut Party!

Until next time,