The Christmas season brings so many ways to enjoy time as a family and I think its a great time that we can teach our kids how to be generous over the Holidays.  Here are a few ways that we’ve tried to develop generosity in our family.

Sponsor a family

Find a local organization that is setting up hampers for families or even something like an angel tree where you can buy an individual gift for a child.  My kids have loved doing this and its fun to get them involved in the process. Its gives a sense of real ownership and your kids will remember this and hopefully carry this on as part of their Christmas giving.

Give gifts that give back

There are some amazing companies that give back as part of their mandate.  We absolutely LOVE Cuddle and Kind and their mission to feed children in need.  For every doll purchased, 10 children are provided with meals.  I was even more pleased when I realized that they are not only supporting children across the world but their also providing local children in Canada and the U.S. with meals.

The dolls themselves are great quality and little ones just love them! Its just the best feeling when you know that you’ve bought a gift that keeps on giving.

Invite people into your home

We love having a full house during the holidays and there are always people who don’t have family close and might feel a little more lonely over Christmas.  We’ve always loved to invite a few extras to our Christmas dinner.  A few extra plates around the table doesn’t break the budget but it can really mean a lot to someone who might otherwise spend Christmas alone.

Donate some Toys

This has two purposes.  First of all, its nice to clear out some toys before the kiddos get their new batch at Christmas but more so, what a great lesson to teach your kids about worth and value.  Just because your child is done using their gently used toy doesn’t mean another child wouldn’t love it!  I’ll stress the importance of donating good quality and “gently” used items.

You can find a local toy drive or even deliver to a local children’s hospital.

Attend some fun Christmas events that give back

There are lots of fun events over the holidays and plenty of them are free admission but ask for donations.  Try to choose the events that give an opportunity to give back.  Often it might mean donating some non-perishable items to the food bank or one that I love in our town is the EDAS (Everyone Deserves a Smile)  project that donates warm toques and mittens to the homeless.  With a little research I’m sure you’ll find some great events and charities in your area that will help your family give back over the holidays.

Spread Christmas Joy

Grab some friends or join an organization that is visiting an elderly home or hospital or really any place where you could spread some JOY to someone who might be feeling isolated.  I’ve always loved singing Christmas carols at a local seniors home and seniors just LOVE when children come and sing for them.  Its amazing what a beautiful smile and some happy music will do to their mood and I can guarantee you that you’re mood will be lifted even more!

Focus on random acts of kindness

There are so many great way to spread kindness throughout this season and really all year long.  I mentioned it in a recent post here about Christmas traditions, but thought I’d share again here.  A new tradition we’re starting is “The Giving Manger”.  Each day your child is encouraged to give through random acts of kindness and each time they do, a piece of straw is added to the manger.  By the time Christmas comes, there will be a cozy bed for Jesus.

When I heard about this little tradition, I was so excited because its just another way we can teach our children about generosity over the holidays!

It doesn’t take much effort but the impact that you can have by teaching your child to be generous will stay in their heart forever.  I hope your Christmas season is full of Joy, Love, and Generosity!


Photography by my beautiful friend Bernine Marie