This is a sponsored post by The Greenest Clean and I was provided products to use in exchange for this post.  I only promote products that I truly do love though and therefore these opinions are 100% my own.  Read to the bottom for a special discount for my Canadian readers!

I recently wrote a post on skin care products and all the chemicals that I never knew existed or to be honest,  probably just chose to ignore.  I’m thankful that we’re becoming more informed as a society in general and learning that there are better options to choose from. Today I’m discussing how I’m working towards having a Chemical Free home.

About 10 years ago a friend of mine started selling Norwex.  To support her,  I attended a party at her house and bought a few products.  At the time I wasn’t quite ready to commit to a chemical free home so truthfully, I bought a few items because it was the polite thing to do.

I purchased a few Enviro Cloths, a window cloth and the Dusting Mit.  All 3 of these items proved themself right away.  The Enviro cloths are the best I’ve ever tried.  Having tried lots of different “micro fiber” type cloths, none of them came close to the quality.  The window cloth has been a favourite as well.  I haven’t had to buy window cleaner since I bought my first cloth and they clean my windows and mirrors so well!  Finally, from my first batch of Norwex products, the dusting mit has also lived up to my expectations.  It holds the dust in the mitten so I’m not spreading dust from one spot to the next.  Dusting is complete in no time at all!

These 3 items were just the start of my journey to remove harsh chemicals from my home and since then I’ve started making more and more changes to try and have a Chemical Free home.

The Chemical Free Home

So, as I mentioned before, I’ve been learning more and more about chemicals and their harmful effects.  My goal is to work towards removing as much of them as possible from our home.

My younger self used to love to filling our home with air fresheners, laundry accessories, soaps and candles.  Just the other day I was chatting with a friend about this.  I used to love all these “pretty” scents and now that I’ve removed them from our home, I’m actually really affected and bothered by them.

I recently received a package in the mail from a brand.  It was filled with air fresheners, laundry sprays and more.  The fragrance was so strong that I actually started getting a headache within minutes and had to put the products outside.  Its interesting that once you rid your home from the harsh fragrances, you realize how much your body was affected from them.

Why choose Norwex

My friend Mariannick is a Norwex consultant and I asked her if she could give us an overview of the top 5 reasons why Norwex is your best choice when its comes to a Greener Clean.  Make sure to follow Mariannick on social media at The Greenest Clean

5 reasons why everyone needs Norwex!

Save time!

With our busy lives, we just don’t have extra time to put into cleaning our houses. Enter Norwex. With its ability to remove up to 99% of bacteria from a surface using JUST WATER, it’s all done in just one swipe! And when you clean with Norwex, you’re always deep cleaning! #efficiency

Save money!

Did you know that the average household in North America spends about $600/year on cleaning products. Don’t let these precious pennies slip away! When cleaning with Norwex, you reduce the need for consumable products. Plus, our microfibre products have a 60 day money back guarantee and a 2 year warranty. Less than 2% of products sold are ever returned so you are guaranteed quality. Now you can save up for that holiday you’ve always wanted to go on!

Reduce the use of chemicals in your home.

Now here’s where the heart enters this story. The common cleaner can contain thousands of harmful chemicals that have been linked to skin irritation, hormone disruption, infertility and even cancer. There are 3 ways that chemicals enter our bodies, ingesting, absorbing and inhaling. Our homes should be a safe space for our families, pets and guests. When using just water and Norwex, no harmful chemicals are involved in the process. No gloves are needed (unless it’s a REAL mess), no waiting for the floor to dry, so you feel better about walking all over it with your bare feet, and best of all, no harsh fragrances flooding your house to the point of a headache. Don’t be marinating in toxins from detergent residue on your clothes and sheets any longer, Norwex has the solution!

Reduce waste.

There will be more plastic than fish in the ocean by 2050. When I first heard this, I couldn’t believe it, then I started to do some research on the current conditions of our oceans and it seems like it might already be true. By buying a quality product with Norwex that will endure many uses, you reduce the waste that goes into the landfills and into the oceans. Replace some of your one time use items like paper towel, produce bags, grocery bags, straws and cling wrap with Norwex! A lot of small businesses have started to replace these items with compostable or reusable options, let’s join hands in refusing these wasteful items.

Quality Norwex works!

It actually does what it claims to do! The EnviroCloth removes bacteria, the Window cloth polishes without leaving streaks, the bathroom cleaner is elbow grease in a spray bottle, the laundry detergent removes stains and odours and the mop leaves floors clean and streak free, all without the use of harmful chemicals! My house has never been so clean.
Thank you Mariannick from The Greenest Clean for such a great explanation of the benefit of using these amazing products!

My Favourite Norwex Products

So now that you’ve heard all the important details about what makes Norwex the best choice for your home, I thought I’d put together a round up of my favourite Norwex products and why I can smile while cleaning knowing I’m not causing more harm than good!

Window Cloth | Clean your window and mirrors in no time without the use of additional product.  This saves time AND money!

Enviro Cloth | Cleans every surface in your home and vehicle with just water.  Its amazing BacLock technology ensures that bacteria, smells, and mildew are not transferred.  They actually say you could clean your toilet, and then go wash dishes….I’m not sure I’ll try that though.  Have you?

Dusting Mit | You’ll have your dusting done in no time with this handy little mit that holds all the dust to ensure you’re not just spreading dust around the house!

Laundry Soap | I LOVE this product.  It cleans my laundry but also can be used for so much more!  I’ll add a little scoop to a bucket and clean floors, walls, and more! It works amazing and doesn’t leave a sticky residue

Cleaning Paste | Use this to clean a multitude of surfaces in your home.  My favourite use is for my glass stove top

Superior Mop Collection | This amazing mop system has transformed my floor cleaning routine!  I used to get down on my hands and knees for a thorough floor cleaning. My Norwex rep assured me that this mop system would do a good job and save my back and knees at the same time.  I’m happy to report that I’m very impressed! The dry mop gets all the dust bunnies cleared away and then I finish up with the wet mop.  No chemicals needed.

There are PLENTY of other great Norwex products and I can’t wait to keep adding to my collection!

A Special Discount

I wanted to find a way to get some Norwex into your households, so Mariannick and I came up with a great deal JUST FOR YOU!

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Happy Cleaning Friends:)

Photography by my dear friend Bernine Marie