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Moms Day is just around the corner and I want to help you spoil your mama and make sure she feels loved, appreciated, and pampered on her special day.  You might want to forward this post to your husband, kids, or maybe you are reading this and need some ideas on how to care for your own mama.

I’ve put together a list of experiences, acts of kindness, and small gifts that I know I would certainly love to receive (hint hint to my family;)) and I’m sure most mama’s out there would too!  Speaking for myself and I think all mama’s out there, its not the quantity or price tag of a gift that is important but the quality of time that it takes in the planning and in the moment.  I think most Mom’s just want a day to slow down, enjoy their family, and get a little bit of extra love and pampering.

Growing up I remember every mothers day my dad would wake my brother and I up bright and early and it was a non-negotiable that mom got breakfast in bed, and all the clean up after breakfast was on us.  This is what worked in our family and hopefully what made our mama feel loved and pampered on her special day.  Every family has different dynamics so maybe it won’t be breakfast in bed at the crack of dawn.  You know your mama, and it doesn’t hurt to ask her what she envisions as the perfect day either!


My first round up of ideas is a list of things you can do either “with” mom or send her off to do all by herself

  • Beauty Treatment Whether its a day at the spa, a simple pedicure, or a hair appointment,  this is a great way to pamper your mama!
  • Brunch Find a local restaurant that is featuring a Mother’s Day Brunch
  • Treat Tour Jump in the car and take mom to a few of her favourite local hot spots.  Start at her favourite coffee shop, then maybe that donut place she loves, and maybe end at her favourite local store and let her pick out a gift for herself:)
  • Picnic Pack a lunch and take mom to her favourite beach or park and enjoy a picnic in the sun.  Make sure you pack her favourite snacks and drinks.  You could also buy her a picnic set like this to really add a special touch to this moms day experience!
  • Photography Session Book a local photographer to take some family photos.  Mom’s are always trying to capture every moment and preserve the memories.  Its rare that mom gets to be in the photos though because she’s usually the one taking them! Give mom the gift of some special captures of the people she loves the most 

My recommendations for Local businesses for the above “experience” style gifts:

Kingfisher Oceanside Resort | Website  Try the Hydropath or their pedicure

Locals Restaurant | Website Lunch or Dinner, the food is always amazing!

Milano’s Coffee | Instagram  A favourite stop for a good americano misto

Frankie Joe’s Cafe | Instagram Their cinnamon bun is the best I’ve ever had!

Rally Co. Gifts | Instagram You’ll walk in and want to buy it all 

Hot Chocolates | Instagram Our favourite stop for Gelato!

Hairpins Salon | Instagram  Fun atmosphere with a great colour line and trendy stylists

Bernine Marie Photography | Instagram Lifestyle photography capturing the perfect candid moments 

Acts of Kindness

Maybe your mama’s love language is “acts of service” . Here are some great ways you can make mom feel loved on her special day by small random acts of kindness

  • Breakfast in bed Set your alarms and get up before mom, make her favourite meal, and serve her in bed.  Don’t forget her coffee and if you want to add the special touch, order this adorable breakfast in bed kit from Target. **Make sure you clean the kitchen up after
  • Afternoon Nap Give mom the gift of rest in her own bed.  Moms with small children rarely get a mid day nap and this can truly be the best gift!  Take everyone out for a few hours and let mom nap!
  • At Home Spa Give mom a personalized spa treatment in the comfort of her own home! Set up a space in your home and give her all her favourite spa treatments.  Make sure you light the candles and play some spa music.  Oh, and don’t forget the cucumber water;)
  • Honey Do List tackle some of the items off Moms spring cleaning checklist or project list.  Has she been talking about weeding the garden beds? Maybe she’s always commenting on that front shoe closet, is there some deep cleaning she would love to see get done?  If your mom loves a clean house, this might be the perfect act of kindness for her!

Gift Ideas

Here’s a round up of some fun gifts that every mom would love! Some of these are location specific but similar items can be sourced in your local area.

Here are some gifts you can purchase online and have delivered to her inbox or home

  • Coffee E-Card  send her the gift of coffee with a customized greeting
  • Flower Delivery I’ve used this service and its reliable, easy to track, and good quality
  • Photo Book Customize a sweet memory book and have it mailed to her front door
  • Meal Service Give mom the gift of easy meal planning.  Send her some healthy, easy to cook meals!

I hope this post helps you ensure that the Mom’s in your life feel loved, pampered, and appreciated this Mother’s Day!

Every Mom deserves a special day all about her regardless of what stage of motherhood she might be in.  A Mother’s job never ends.

Photography by my dear friend Bernine Marie