Diono Radian RXT

*I received a Diono radian rXT car seat at no cost to facilitate this review. All opinions are my own.

Choosing the right carseat

A carseat in my opinion is THE most important baby gear item you buy.  After all, its the one item that keeps your baby safe and secure.  Its also the gear item that will be used for the longest length of time.

There are many great brands of carseats with varied styles, features, size limits, and stages.  We chose to use an infant carseat for Mila’s first year and were thrilled with the Peg Perego Primo Viaggio 4-35 that we purchased.

As Mila started to reach the weight limit on her infant carseat I began researching the best carseat options for the next stage.  Factors to consider were size, quality, safety ratings, and length of use.  All my research kept bringing me back to one company – DIONO –

Why choose Diono

One of the biggest factors for me was length of use.  Because we had already purchased one carseat for the infant stage, I wanted this next carseat to last the remaining time that Mila would need to be in a carseat.

This carseat comfortably seats rear-facing children from 2.3 – 20.5 kg (5 – 45 lbs), forward-facing children from 10 – 29.5 kg (22 – 65 lbs) and up to 144cm (57″) in a 5-point harness, then converts to a booster for children between 23 – 54 kg (50 – 120 lbs).

This carseat will take her right up to the end of her carseat days!  Let me tell you all the reasons why we love our Diono Radian RXT.


We choose our Radian RXT in “Black Mist”.  I’m just a lover of all things neutral so wanted the carseat to blend in well with our vehicles interior.  This offered a nice blend of black and grey.


The Diono carseat line is known for their narrow frames which make them super efficient in terms of how much space they take up in the vehicle.  We go on a lot of family road trips and having teenagers in our family, it was important that Mila’s carseat not take up too much space in the backseat.  The Radian RXT is perfect for our families dynamic.  For families with multiple carseats, you can actually fit 3-across in most mid-sized vehicles.  A fantastic feature!!


I don’t want to represent myself as a carseat safety expert by any means, so I’m going to link you right here to the Diono website where they detail all the amazing safety features.  From what I’ve read, reviews I’ve researched, and quality I’ve seen with our carseat, I have absolute confidence in Mila’s safety while using her Diono Radian RXT


Some of my favourite added perks to this carseat are the following:

-It is set up with the SuperLatch system making it easy to transfer between vehicles and install correctly in minutes!

-The memory foam cushion provides cozy travels for our little one

-The entire cover is machine washable!  A huge bonus in my world:)

-It folds flat and can be worn as a backpack!  Awesome feature if you’re travelling through airports!

-On that note, its FAA approved for use on aircraft

We are so pleased with our Diono Radian RXT and would HIGHLY recommend it to anyone in the market for a carseat!  I trust that I’ve given you a base review of this fantastic product!  For the full detailed information package, please refer to the Diono website. We have comfort knowing that our little one is safe and secure and its great knowing that we won’t have to purchase another carseat for her.