Can you believe its been 6 months since I published my first blog post? I still remember finally deciding that I would start a blog.  I had been talking to a few friends for over a year about blogging and instagram in general and one day one of them looked at me and said…why don’t you start a blog?! And so…I did!

I had no idea what I’d say, what my theme would be, or where it would take me, but the thought of writing down my thoughts, dreams, and life stories seemed kind of fun.  So, I went ahead and jumped in with both feet!

This will be my 20th blog post!  My initial goal was to publish 2-4 posts a month so I’m happy to say that I’m on track!  The learning curve has been a steep incline to say the least but I’m used to a challenge and enjoy learning something new!

I thought I’d take a few minutes and chat about what I’ve learned, and the exciting opportunities that I’ve discovered in this world of blogging and social media.  If you’ve been wondering what I’ve been up to and why you’ve noticed some changes to my social platforms, keep reading.  This post is to tackle the elephant in the room.

Finding your why

When I started this blog I didn’t really have any idea what opportunities were possible except that I’d share some stories and maybe a bit of parenting advice. I’d have my friend Bernine take some nice photos and then I’d coordinate my blog with my Instagram feed and maybe amp up my Pinterest account.

I had heard a bit about influencer marketing and followed some big bloggers who often shared product reviews, went on paid trips, and so on.  I guess I knew that there was a world to tap into but didn’t really know where or how to start.

I knew two things.  I could utilize instagram as a platform of sorts.  An important factor for me was to remain authentic and true to myself, and my beliefs, while utilitzing this platform in a way that didn’t come across as too pushy or for lack of a better word, tacky.

Instagram growth

I think it’s pretty evident that growing a following is a key factor for blogging and building a social media presence.  The larger the following the broader the reach.  Makes sense right?

Before I started my blog, I had used Instagram to connect with friends I knew and some family members.  I didn’t post on a regular basis and hadn’t ever considered terms such as “cohesive”, “square of 9”, or “colour palette” just to name a few!

I knew that in order to reach people with my blog I’d need to start growing my social media platforms.  There are a lot of ways to gain exposure on a blog and social media is definitely a key factor!

There are many ways to grow your following.  Some I agree with and others that aren’t for me.  It’s really up to each person to decide what works for them and what matches their ultimate goal.

Growing a social media account is very similar to what I did when I started real estate.  A lot of door knocking (or in the IG world, dm messaging), finding groups within my niche. Engaging, building connections, and some fun giveaways!:) I could do a whole blog post on growth strategies and tips and I likely will in the future so stay tuned:) Until then, message me anytime if you have questions! I love to help!

The cohesive feed

I have spent 6 months trying to figure out my style, niche, and colour palette and it will probably keep evolving over time.  This has been a fun creative outlet for me.  I used to scrapbook and moving photos around and making a pretty feed has been a surprising treat in all of this.  Its brings out a creative side that I hadn’t tapped into for years.  I “hope” I’ve managed to build some sort of cohesiveness?  My goal is a bright feed with lots of white and pops of colour.  If I had to choose my main colours I’d probably say grey, pink/rose gold, blue, and nature/greenery.  Then I try to for the most part back them on a white backdrop.  I don’t always get this but its definitely what I’m trying to accomplish.  Here is my square of 9 as of today’s date:

Influencer marketing

Have you ever been out somewhere and someone notices your shoes and says “Oh my goodness I love your shoes!  Where did you find those?”

This is the basic idea behind influencer marketing.  Companies have found a way to tap into a whole new marketplace. They’ve realized that social media is driving our culture and by utilizing the average consumer and their personal sphere of influence, they can reach a wide audience for marketing their product.

Lets face it, people talk and people LOVE sharing their great customer service stories (almost as much sharing their negative stories).  This rings very true to me as a Realtor.  I’ve spent 12 years building my real estate career and top of the list for me has been to build long lasting relationships with clients who are happy enough with my service to refer my name to their friends and family members.  Its just good marketing.

Social media influencing is just a new tactic on a tried and true marketing plan.  Make a few happy customers, get them talking, and voila!  Business is booming.

Influencer marketing is one area that I’ve started to step into along my blogging adventure!:) It’s fun to find new products and try them out with my family.   It’s also a great way to support small business and help new companies advertise their product.

In the past 6 months I’ve worked with various small shops and larger corporate companies.  I’m careful to make smart choices when it comes to the product I represent.  I want to remain authentic and if I truly don’t love a company or product I won’t represent it.  It’s a fun side gig for me, a hobby with perks if you will:)

Here are some of the fantastic companies I’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with thus far:

Jord Watches | Hello Fresh Canada | Minimoc | Arrow and Laces Designs | Flexi Lexi | Diono Canada

Shop Pink Blush | Re-Play Recycled | Baby Brezza Canada | Urban Walls | Love Child Organics |

Poppy and Dot | L’oved Baby | Frida Baby | Elle and Ellie Co. |

I’m always so grateful that a company would trust me to promote the product that they have poured their heart into.  Having been a business owner on various ventures, I completely value the importance of customer service and good marketing.  I hope that I can continue to work with great companies and offer them a service that works well for both of us!

What Matters Most

Beyond all the perks and fluff of social media comes a platform with which I have an opportunity to share my faith, my struggles, my joys, and all the elements of our life.  I don’t take lightly that with a social media following comes a responsibility.  I would never want to showcase life in a way that would ever make someone feel that they aren’t enough, or can’t live up to a way of life.  Our life is by no means perfect….IN ANY WAY!  We celebrate highs but also go through seasons of lows and struggle just like everyone else.

I believe with this there is a fine balance to what we broadcast on a social platform. I recently read the most relevant explanation of my thoughts on this subject, so instead of trying to make my own wording, why don’t you just click here to see how Michele Phillips so perfectly wrote about it:)

A Canadian mama I’ve connected with on Instagram has written a similar post to this and I’d love for you to hear her perspective as well! She dives into the more personal side of Instagram. Click here to see her view and her blogging journey.

Thank you all so much for your follows, comments, likes, and support! It all helps and it truly means to much that you would come along with me on this adventure!