One thing for sure about having a baby 12 years later has been the vast difference in baby gear! When we had our older kids, there were just a few brands, with not as many options or style.

I had so much fun researching all the gear items we would purchase for Mila.  Because we were starting from scratch again I wanted to choose wisely and make sure I only bought things we really needed but also consider good resale value. Some things we will keep for future grandkids such as the crib and highchair and other items we can sell or pass on to friends.

One of the items I wanted to carefully consider and research was the stroller.  A stroller is one of the gear items that gets used for a few years so it makes sense to find the right fit.

Stroller shopping

Who knew that buying a stroller in 2017 would be almost the same as buying a car;)  One thing I’ve decided with purchases in general, baby or not, is that I want to start buying quality over quantity and always consider resale value.  When I started researching strollers I viewed it as an investment. I figured if I chose the right one I could use it for a time, and then resell it for a good price.

I spent many evenings researching the different brands, what they offered, and what would ideally be the best fit for our lifestyle. I knew we didn’t  need anything specifically “off road”.  We mostly walk on pavement or light gravel trails.  We also do a fair bit of travel and everyday outings so I wanted something easy to load into the car.

It was important that there be various seat recline options as we spend a lot of time at church which meant naps would happen in the stroller.

I had it narrowed down to 3 favourite brands and ultimately we decided to go with the Bugaboo Cameleon 3 . The Bugaboo brand was a favourite pick for style, versatility and ease.


I knew I wanted more of a “city” style stroller with a bassinet attachment.  I’m typically pretty plain when it comes to colours and patterns,  so the black frame was a draw and the ability to change out the canopy was a fun option.  We went with the basic black and then bought the cream coloured canopy and bassinet cover.  The cream gives it a bright feel and I also thought that it would be good for resale as its totally gender neutral.


The base of this stroller will accomodate various infant carseats with simple attachments you can purchase.  This was a nice feature allowing us to go with whatever make and model infant carseat we wanted so long as the attachments were available.  For the newborn stage we loved the bassinet attachment. Being a church baby meant lots of time in church and having the bassinet made for easy nap time options.

Another feature is the ability to switch baby from forward facing to rear facing.  Its so easy to do and can be done while baby is sitting in the seat which is great if you’re in the middle of a walk and baby decides they want a different view!

I also love how easy it is to maneuver the seat from full recline position to a sitting up position. Just hold down the lever and baby can switch positions in seconds. Another neat feature is the handle.  It easily moves up and down which is great to easily switch between users of different heights.  Another feature I was looking for was a decent sized storage basket. This basket carries a lot and has a draw string closure so nothing falls out.


The canopy is super versatile offering a variety of options for shade, privacy, partial or fully closed.  Its great to be able to completely close the shade when babies napping or have various options to keep baby shaded but still in view.  We also picked up a 2nd canopy that has some other options and I just love how easy it is to add and switch accessories with this stroller package.


Easy to setup and easy to take down.  It does disassemble into 2 pieces but we haven’t found that to be a problem.  The reason for this is because the base can be used with different attachments such as the infant carseat, bassinet or main seat.  The base folds flat and doesn’t take up much room at all as does the main seat attachment.  The bassinet is probably the largest attachment but its not one that you would need to bring along that often.

The first time I pushed this stroller I was so impressed with how easy it glides!  It is such a smooth ride.  The large rear tires also allow you to use the stroller on rougher terrain including sand!

We have now been using our stroller for a year and I still have nothing to complain about!  We loved the base with infant carseat attachment when Mila was an infant and now that she’s transitioning into her toddler stage, she is loving the option to sit upright and the ability to face the world or us:)

If you are looking for a great quality stroller with good reviews and resale value, I would HIGHLY recommend the Bugaboo Cameleon 3