When we purchased our Home 3 years ago, definitely one of the BIG selling features was the upstairs bedrooms!  At the time, our oldest daughter was just transitioning to college life so we were only going to have 2 kids left in the house and both of them were heading into the teen years (Little did we know that miss Mila would be arriving just a few years later but thats another story for another post)

Our modern farmhouse style home has 3 dormer windows at the front and 2 of them incorporate into the matching upstairs bedrooms.  It wasn’t a big deal who got what room because they are literally identical.  So, it really came down to which side of the house you preferred to be on. No big deal!

What we love about these rooms is their size, the cozy dormer area, double closets and the best part, the secret rooms.  The kids nicknamed them secret rooms because they are really just that.  A little space off the bedroom that is basically a mini room with no windows.  Both kids have done various things over the past few years in this little miniature space.

Room for two

Over the years we’ve had a variety of family members and students live with us from time to time.  We love hosting people and opening our home when needed.  I feel like we all benefit and grow when we learn to share a space.

This is another reason we fell in love with our home.  Its not a large home but is laid out in a way that we can entertain, accomodate guests, and expand when needed.  With such large upstairs bedrooms, there is always space for an extra mattress on the floor, or bed in the room.

Last summer we really felt to welcome a student from our church into our home as she was starting the intern program.  Being that she was just a few years older than Shayna, we decided to room the two of them together and to add a little fun to the mix and make the room functional, we did a little room makeover.

Shayna had been wanting to update her room into a more mature space so this was the perfect opportunity to turn this space into a fun, trendy dorm like space.

karin u living

White on White

We really wanted that fresh white look with little pops of rose gold, copper, and little accents of nature.  To give a fresh clean canvas, we chose Benjamin Moore Cloud White as the paint swatch for the entire room.  I love the tone of this white. It’s a warmer white so it works well with the tones of the copper and rose gold accents

In keeping with the white on white theme, we went with all white bedding.  I found these adorable pineapple throw cushions at Homesense that had the perfect pops of rose gold and grey to add some colour.  We also found some fun copper baskets to house throw blankets.

Shayna loves knitting so I bought her some yarn from Michaels craft store  and she knit herself a beautiful merino wool throw that matches perfectly with the space!

Two is company

For Samara, our student for the year, we set up a space for her on the opposite side of the room.  Being a larger room, we were able to give her a double bed with room for a side table.  For her personal decor items we mounted two Ikea floating shelves on the wall by her bed.  I bought matching bedding and the matching pineapple throw cushion so the room tied together.  Its neat how Samara already had a lot of similar decor accents.  It was a roomie match made in Heaven.

The primping station

This is one of my favourite parts of the bedroom makeover! I envisioned a pretty little makeup table with a floating shelf for all the little decor details. We started with a glass table, and then added a mirror, floating shelf, and a pretty white chair to complete the space.  Fun little accents of copper, white and succulents bring dimension and layers of interest.

The girls each have their own closet but have also turned the “secret” room into a walk in dressing room.  They have their chest of drawers in there along with a clothing rack and a full length mirror.  This room has been a game changer for a room share because for one, they can have some privacy for dressing but if one girl is still sleeping the other can go into the dressing to get ready for the day.

Shayna is thrilled how her bedroom makeover turned out and I was just happy to get my hands on another decor project! Now to decide which room to tackle next?? Spring is coming so it must be time for another project!

Until next time:)

Photography by my dear friend Bernine Marie