I was the little girl who would sit in the living room for hours with all the family photo albums pulled off the shelf going through every page of every album and loving all the memories that those photos brought. Some of the people in those photos I had never met, but through the albums I knew of these people, they were part of my history, those photos each representing a memory, and a moment in time

– the beauty of a photo-

There is something about a photo.  It takes a moment in time and makes it a forever keepsake.  I’ve always been a big believer in photography and the precious gift that it is for the present but also for the future.  A well documented moment can preserve the memory for years to come.

Shamrock Lavender Fest

I’ve always loved Shamrock farm for their fall pumpkins but hadn’t had the chance to go to their lavender fields until this past year.  When I saw their ad on facebook, I knew right away that I wanted to go check it out and thought it would make the perfect setting for some mommy and me keepsake photos to document Mila’s 6th month.

Lavender Fest at Shamrock Fest is now an annual Summer Bucket List addition!

One could literally just visit the barn and be satisfied with the visit.  There was the most beautiful Lavender wall which off course made the perfect photo backdrop!  They had Lavender gelato, Lavender baking, various lavender soaps and lotions, and various types of lavender for purchase.  I knew I liked lavender, its scent, and its beauty but Shamrock made me a believer all over again!

As I said, they had me at the barn but one couldn’t possibly end there

Once we were done in the barn we ventured out to the Lavender fields.  It was a beautiful summer day, the sun was shining and warm, and the lavender smelled amazing.  Add this to the beauty of the lavender fields themselves and we had all the ingredients for a mommy and me moment captured in time.  Oh Mila, I hope you will cherish these photos as much as I will!

Life Happens

This post was originally supposed to be published months ago, but life gets in the way sometimes and thats ok.  Its never too late to look back and remind yourself of a treasured memory.  I knew when we took these photos that I would cherish the memory but I didn’t realize that only 6 months later as we are now embarking on Mila’s first birthday that this moment in time would already feel like forever ago!  She has changed so much in just 6 short months, and as excited I am to experience this next stage of her life – the toddler years – I am even more grateful for the beauty of a photograph that can bring me back to a moment, a feeling, and a beautiful memory.

Photography by my dear friend Bernine Marie Photography