Decorating the Tree

I still remember our very first married Christmas.  We bought our tree from Canadian Tire on November 12th, and set the tree up that night!  My colour scheme back then was gold and burgundy,  we had ribbon for garland and white lights.  Our tree has definitely evolved over the last 20 years as styles have changed, but one thing has never changed and that is our LOVE for Christmas! There is something so special to me every year when we decorate our tree.  We always play the Celine Dion Christmas album that we had purchased the same year we got married.  Listening to that album and decorating the tree is always a reminder of all the years that have passed, all the memories that have been made, lessons learned and the fact that here we are again as family another year later.

This year we put up the tree on November 13th as our oldest daughter was home for the night and we really wanted to have her be part of this family tradition.  In our house, everyone has a job when setting up the tree.  The boys get it out from the crawl space, and set it up.  Then, Dion and I put the ribbon on the tree, and once that part is complete the kids join in to place on all the ornaments.  Its so fun seeing the ornaments from years past and the nostalgia always kicks in!  The final touch is always the star on top and thats Dion’s job!


There is just something about the Christmas tunes blaring, and all my family in one place at one time that just gives me all the Christmas feels.  Dion made us all warm drinks, and the house was just full and happy and full of life.  Just as that Celine Dion song says

– “These are the Special Times” –


One very special part of our Christmas decor is the Christmas village I’ve been collecting for 20+ years.  For years, I would get a new piece every Christmas until my set had grown to a point where it was just right.  Over the past few years, Evan has taken it upon himself to set up the village.  Its become his little masterpiece and contribution to our holiday decor.


 A wreath on your front door symbolizes an invitation to enter into the Spirit of Christmas


Simple Modern Farmhouse Christmas

My Christmas decorating style has definitely changed over the years.  I’m never good at pin pointing the exact style I’m going for but I’d say that I draw most of my inspiration from the modern farmhouse style, with pieces of Scandinavian simplicity and woodsy accents.  I’ve often used quite a bit of garland and lights throughout the house but this year I’ve decided to really simplify and I have to say that I’m loving the fresh clean vibe that its brought to my Christmas decor.

I bought a few garlands from Michaels that were very natural looking with pinecones giving them that woodsy feel I’m going for.  I’ve used these to give some simple holiday feel to a few cozy pockets in our home.  One of my favourite wreaths sits on my blanket ladder adding a little sparkle to that corner. Then, I found the cutest little burlap wrapped trees at Thrifty Foods in the floral department. I just couldn’t resist buying a few of them!  Finally, I picked up 3 little winter berry plants to add a little pop of red to my kitchen

In our bedroom, I added a little swag of garland above the bed and cute little miniature trees on our bedside tables.  The added green gives our bedroom a simple wintery feel!

Another great addition to our decor this year was my Gathre mat. I purchased this mat earlier this fall and have found it to be so versatile and useful for many purposes.  It was actually Dion who suggested we use the mat under the tree! Because I had purchased the large circular shaped mat, it worked perfect!  I added a sheepskin rug to hide the tree frame, a few throw pillows and a basket of books complete this space. It has turned it into a cozy little place to “Gathre” around the tree!

The Final Touch

One of my favourite creative outlets in this season is wrapping gifts.  I love to choose a theme each year and spend time creating pretty gifts to place under the tree.  Its just another way I can slow down in this season and spend a little extra time being thoughtful and intentional.  This year I’m using brown and white paper from the dollar store and adding some decorative rope and yarn that I picked up from Winners . I’ll probably add some greenery that I can gather right outside my front door!

– Home-

The story of who we are and a collection of all the things we love.

I truly believe that it really doesn’t take a lot to make a home feel cozy and warm in this season.  A few simple accents can transform your home into a cozy haven to rest and enjoy the ones you love the most.  May you find peace, joy and comfort this Christmas.

Photography by my dear friend Bernine Marie