Its so fun to celebrate a new baby!  I love going to a baby shower and always try to bring a gift that the new mama will really appreciate and find useful.

Having a baby again has given me a fresh perspective on the best gifts to buy for a shower that will be sure to make the new mama excited!  I decided to write a blog post and share some of my favourite baby items that are easy on the budget and sure to be a winning gift!


Top baby gifts ideas under $25

The Wubbanub Pacifier:

I love the concept of the wubbanub. The idea behind this pacifier is that once baby is ready to wean from the paci you can snip the paci from the lovey and keep the lovey.  The other great thing about the wubbanub is its easy for baby to hold and find on their own.  Now thats smart!

The Nose Frida:

This has got to be the smartest new invention I’ve found so far since having another baby.  Back when my other babies were little we had the old school booger sucker and lets just say…gross.  Can you actually clean inside that guy? no!  The Nose Frida is in my opinion sheer genious!  Every parent needs one!

Lamaze Development toys:

We have this exact same Lamaze toy and we have named her “little girl”.  In fact we even made up a little jingle all about “little girl” that gets our Mila girl so excited! I love these toys! They have lots of developmental aspects, they can clip onto the carseat, stroller, bouncy chair etc.  A great first toy for baby!

Boon pulp teething feeder:

Another amazing product for introducing first foods and for the teething baby.  Put some bananas in there and baby can safely eat them or freeze some blueberries and your teething baby will love the cooling sensation on those sore gums.

Milestone Blocks:

We love our milestone blocks.  We have this exact set and its been fun taking our monthly photos with them.  These blocks will transition through the ages with options for “weeks, months, and years” . Not sure how the teenager will appreciate holding these up but hey…the possibility is there;)

Bath toys:

Every baby needs bath toys but do you find that so many bath toys get mildew stains or end up growing yucky build up on them?  These are great little stacking cups with various holes in the bottom for fun water play.

Head banz ear protection:

We’ve used these to make venues such as church, outdoor concerts,  dance recitals,  and fireworks more  baby friendly.  These are great for keeping those sensitive little ears protected.


Aden and Anais Swaddle Blankets:

Receiving blankets have come a long way since our last babies!  I just love the muslin cotton swaddles.  They are super breathable, soft, and extra large for swaddling a newborn or wrapping up an older baby.

Nail Frida infant nail clippers:

We all know that clipping babies nails is no easy task.  These infant nail clippers are awesome!  The have a little viewfinder so you can actually see where you’re cutting.

RePlay Dish set:

These dishes are made from recycled plastic (milk jugs to be exact)  and come in a variety of colours and styles.  I love the stacking storage container.  Perfect for bringing along snacks for an outing!


Gertie the Goose or Sophie the Giraffe:

Sophie and Gertie are the best little buddy for any teething baby!  We have Gertie and Mila just loves her so much that she bites her;) . That orange beak makes the best teething toy!

Boon bottle cleaner:

I’ve never used a better bottle cleaner!  Any bottle feeding household needs one of these.

My personal favourite:


Every baby needs a pair of mocs.  The perfect everyday slipper/shoe that transition between the seasons and literally match any outfit whether dressing up or having a casual day.  They are also a great shoe for the early walker.

Group gift ideas:

Group gifts are a great idea when the new mom has some pricier items on her list.  I love grouping a few friends together to help out with some of these more expensive baby gear items.  



Bumbo Seat:

This is the perfect seat for that in between stage when baby is just starting to hold their head up and learning how to sit un-attended but isn’t quite big enough for a high chair yet.  Also a great item that you can bring along to a restaurant, a friends for dinner, camping, and more!

Activity Chair:

Fun for baby from about 4 – 12 months.  This particular chair is super versatile providing different levels for age and stage and then turns into a table for the toddler age.

Nursing pillow:

A nursing pillow can be used for more than just nursing baby.  We also use ours for tummy time and helping baby learn to sit.

High Chair:

I think a high chair is probably the most universal item that any household would need.  The nice thing is that you don’t need a high chair right away which also means that its one of those items still on the “need” list once baby is born.  A high chair is a GREAT option for a group gift.  I love this particular high chair for a bunch of reasons including style, neutral tones, and the fact that it turns into a toddler chair.

Activity Mat:

A play mat is great for early development, tummy time, and discovery.  We love this one because of its neutral tones, soft pillow, padded area, and the adorable little toys that can be moved around for various playtime options.


A pack and play is ideal for the busy family, travelling family, or just to use for a few moments peace once baby is mobile;) . Better yet are the ones that offer the infant change station/bassinet.  A play pen is a baby gear item that will get a lot of use into the toddler stages.


I’m sure there are plenty of other great baby shower gift items for the new mama and babe.  These are just a few of my favourites! If you’re one of my local friends, the majority of these items can be found at either of the Kradles stores in Courtenay:)

And to end this post it would only be fitting to show you a few pictures of our little Mila girl using some of these exact products.


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Photography by Bernine Marie Photography